LEGO Announces new UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

Available on the 18th of September, for LEGO VIP’s…


With that many bricks, what’s costs more - the kit or the shipping? :grin:


Whoa that’s cool!

Why Lego’s are too Expensive for Actual Kids to Buy; Volume 521


It’s so true.

I could buy small (tiny) LEGO kits with my allowance as a kid sometimes…by the time I have kids, I would have to pay them a salary before they could buy any.

Well, the price of LEGO is complex, but hasn’t really increased in price per piece.
Sets have grown and more are released each year, but the price per brick has remained more or less the same.

And, that Star Destroyer isn’t exactly a kids toy.
It’s in the LEGO UCS which is Ultimate Collector Series. It’s aimed at AFOL’s (Adult Fans of LEGO), like me, who also happens to love Star Wars as well… Although whether I am an adult or not, is debatable. At least according to some members of this household. :wink:


I’m going to have to see some newer data than 2013 :wink: (but seriously, don’t look for it, i’m not that interested in the subject :smiley: )

Compared to flightsimming, LEGO is cheap! :wink:

Oof not at that price!