LEGO Mustang

Just got another shipment from the blocky kingdom of Denmark.

The new LEGO Creator set 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback. As usual, they sent a few goodies for VIP customers. This time it’s a sticker and a keychain.

The set is reviewed by here.

LEGO promo vid.


Nice it’s nice but I was sort of sad it actually isn’t a P51…

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Blue Eleanor is still pretty sweet though!


True, true.

I would love to see LEGO venture into military replicas… They have done some WWI aircraft, but no WWII or modern. Some sci-fi lookalikes, but no ”real” stuff.

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Please tell me you are not going to cannibalize this if you need more Legos for a flight-stick mold? :open_mouth:

Maybe just borrow a few bricks? Promise I’ll put ’em back…

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That’s pretty neat. :sunglasses: