LEGO Worlds - Minecraft Killer!

I’ve got a kid that was mad about Minecraft (perhaps not so much anymore) but this looks like a nice idea in a similar vein:

Early Access though, which is always a risk…

I am very confused about how I feel about this game. The minecraft/LEGO fan in me is yelling “yippee” while the cynic is just shaking his head. I have a lot of hope for the game - it has some great potential - but I’ll hold onto my dollars for a little while longer.

We picked it up, and it is pretty interesting. Offspring #2 spent a good hour or so before I dragged him off of it. It has a lot of potential for sure.

It allows a full creative mode, where you can build brick-by-brick using the lego pieces, and then copy/paste/export. The procedural generation of lands and biomes is quite well done already. There are existing sets to pick from (which I guess is where they’ll expand out from) and of course multiplayer coming.

One nice touch is that it even allows import of complex models from the proper Lego Designer tool.

It lags a bit even on good hardware, and they say it is around a year away from proper launch, but so far so good.

Sounds interesting, the little one liked the trailer for it, I guess I am getting it next payday :smile: