Oh man!
You were indeed lucky!

My older sister got me that Sterling 727 when she and mom went on a girls only holiday to Crete. :smile:

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Christmas present. Thinking the boy might be old enough to help me with it.



As promised in my model railroad thread!

My Christmas LEGO workout.

Both of my parents where sick and lacking energy, so I had much time on my hand.

When I wasn’t doing model railroading or being social with my parents, I was in LEGO mode.

Starting with sorting bricks, building instructions and catalogues.

I did do most of the sorting and building at the living room dining table, so we could talk when they had the energy for it.

I used several deep plates for sorting and when one was full I put the content into a bag.

I had used 4 litre freezing bags for sorting the LEGO at home. It turns out that the ends of the bags, when closed with a knot, makes it difficult to identify what’s inside when looking for the needed bricks. So I have replaced them with quick ziplock bags of different sizes. Much easier to find. (If you can remember which bag the brick/s are in!)
I brought the 4 litre bags and used those.

Then I started building and building and building and building……

All of the sets I build.

Some closeups.

I am feeling old! The Bus Station and Knights Tournament sets are from 1979, the Float Plane is from 1977 and the Ambulance Helicopter is from 1976.

At first I intended to let the LEGO stay with my parents, for use with any future kids in the family, but I have changed my mind and are now bringing all of it home.
But not at all of them this time. (I didn’t have room for the rest in my luggage.!)

This is what I left behind together with some bags of bricks. Except for the Bus Station, Knights Tournament and the 2 Firetrucks, I already have those sets at home.

The 2 Fire trucks are from the 1978 374 Yellow Firestation set and was the last I built. I gave up on the Firestation as I was missing the big baseplate and a number of bricks. Ad to that that I was sick and tired of building with LEGO at this point. I had been going for most of a week.

(Not my picture)

This is what I brought with me home.

I already have the 2 gray and the smaller of the white space cruisers, but I know that I can use them for parts for other sets that I still need to scrounge together, as they are not readily available as full sets.

Until next time.

Happy Building


Thanks for the nostalgia trip!
I had a few spaceships and I did have the knights tournament set!
I’ve been tempted to get the new LEGO Galaxy Explorer, because of the nostalgic feelings it brings… But I really need to realise that I can’t possibly house all my LEGO sets as it is…!


I bought that one and I can attest to its awesomeness. Its also great for play, as demonstrated by my kids.


You are very much velcome!

I in turn want to thank you for the inspiration with all of the projects that you share with us all.

Also a very big Thank You! for all of the effort you put into this site. It is very much appreciated.
That also goes for the rest of you guys that keeps the Mudspike wheels turning and smooth out the bumps for the rest of us.

Now that I am at it. Thank you my fellow users for making Mudspike the best, friendliest, safe and enjoyable place on the Internet.

I allways look forward to stepping in the door again.

The new Galaxy Explorer? I am considering getting 3 of them! It is possible to download instructions for modernized versions of LL918 and LL924 using the parts from the GE set.

Happy Building


This is what I currently have on display.

I intend to clear out the shelf below the top one to get room for more built sets.

Happy building!


Oh man, that brings back some memories! I have that same airliner, and I think the Space Police set. Several others I definitely remember from the catalogs we somehow always got in the mail.

I’ve told my parents to give it another year or two before they bring up my childhood collection, so that the youngest is less likely to try and eat the pieces (and the dog, for that matter). But I know I’d be tempted to dig out all the old instructions and see which sets could be rebuilt as is- then start wanting to place orders on Bricklink for missing parts.

And speaking of Legos leading to bad decisions:


I went shopping at BrickMania and got their Apollo Mission Commander Minifig and a HGU-33 helmet…

The printed details are everywhere!

Painting that to look like Mavericks helmet will require a lot of patience!


My latest acquisitions.

Plane 6890 Wheeler 6926

6890 is one of those that I always wanted to have as a kid and now I have it!

Giddy giddy.

Happy building


New announcement from LEGO!

Definitely getting this one!


Looks great and I love the toolbox!.

I will however not be getting it. No room to put it up when build.

I also still have to many Classic Space sets to get.


Ooh, shiny! That’s tempting, and I’m still trying to decide what my graduation present to myself is going to be…

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Today I have gotten my absolute number one LEGO Space Grail set!

Starting unpacking 11:00

Here it comes!

The 6990 Futuron Monorail Transport System!

I have always dreamt of having it and I have never seen it in person! Until now that is.

Finished building at about 13:00

I don’t have room for the full rail setup, so I have to figure out how I want to display it.

Today I have also picked up and built this:

The 6384 Police Station

I have only gotten it because of this 3144 Light Gray antenna!

On Bricklink, any unbroken ones from Europe goes for at least 100 Dkr + shipping

I have gotten the 6384 set for 200 Dkr + shipping

I need it to complete another of my Grail sets. The 926 Command Center. I have been scraping it together from pieces.
I have just ordered the last missing piece.
The 3754p01 Brick 1 x 6 x 5 with LL2079 Floating Astronaut Pattern

Now there is only 25 pieces left to find and order, for the 15 sets that I have been scraping together from pieces. I have just ordered a lot of the missing bricks.

Happy Building


Congrats on the Futuron Monorail. I was into City as a boy in the early '80s, but the Futuron Monorail was so appealing in the Lego catalogs. Somewhere I still have those catalogs. We had a few of the small Space theme sets, but with a big collection City, we never invested in the bigger ones.


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This is me, green with envy:


I found this little gem, on the Swedish online auction site, Tradera.

It’s from 1972, the year I was born.


That is a lot of money.

I still think i am going to get the Lego Cat D11R in the future

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have a look at the cobi webstore … there is a tiger there slightly smaller but a lot cheaper !

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