I just stumbled across this on Youtube:

And went to ordered one :slight_smile: I haven’t built a Lego set for over 20 years, but I think if there is one Lego piece that a grown man can play with it is this one (I have been previously tempted by the Star Destroyer though).

Simply awesome :slight_smile:


Nice - they do an ‘Architecture’ range as well that looks nice.

Warning though, 5000+ piece sets exist with their own mortgages :slight_smile:


I ordered it as well! :slight_smile:


… And the website says they’re out of stock. Now I’m mad.


My son is a Lego fanatic. And I’m broke.


There is a rumor that the UCS Millennium Falcon will be re released this fall…
I read an article a year or so back, about old LEGO sets has a value increase exceeding that of gold.


Do they need to be in the boxes? I have old Space Police, Blacktron, and Magnetron sets. With the original instruction books.


It did that when I ordered as well. But shortly thereafter it said “in warehouse”.


'Fraid so… Some crazy collectors out there.


My son gets the LEGO Club magazine every month and I saw that one being proposed last year. Glad to see it made the final cut and is in production. My son’s collection is enormous and it’s one thing I have never minded spending money on. He’s even got the LEGO Mindstorms sets (the robotics kit). I’ve even got a modest collection that includes the Millennium Falcon, the Imperial Shuttle, the Tie Fighter, and the Snowspeeder. I really, really want a re-released X-wing.

By the way, Chris, when Kai gets up size enough, you need to get Mindstorms for him. It teaches robotics programming and is very simple to use, which is a good primer for STEM learning.


Sounds good. I bought him this for Christmas, but we still haven’t tackled any projects. That should be some fun stuff to do this summer:


The coolest thing, bar none, about the Mindstorms sets is that you don’t have to have a fancy laptop to program it, you can use an iPhone or an Android phone.


LEGO?! Mecano?! I LOVE THIS THREAD! :smiley:


Do we need to start a dedicated Lego thread? We got a ton of fans my self included.


Can do, or if it’s ok with @MBot then this one can be it and we can tweak the title :slight_smile:


My son will be five in July and I will be with him on his birthday. No way am I missing it. I got some good ideas here. He is also getting a PS4 and a bike.




I think I have all M-Tron sets in the basement somewhere. Lego always where my favorite toys…


Are we ready for launch yet? :slight_smile:


My LEGO rocket is in the mail. Monday or tuesday… :slight_smile: