Les Chevaliers du ciel

You are probably aware of french film Les Chevaliers du Ciel (2005) know as Sky Fighters. There you could to see Mirage 2000C.

When I was younger we could see those two french TV series on our TV (Czech TV) after revolution in 1989. I recommended to see those TV series. They are still great.

Les Chevaliers du Cies 1968 (Mirage III)
Serie Les Chevaliers Du Ciel 1968 Episode 1/13 Saison 2 avec Christian Marin et Jacques Santi - YouTube

Les Chevaliers du Cies 1988-1990 (Jaguar, Alpha Jet, Mirage F1, Mirage 2000C)

Especially this second TV series know in my country as “New knights of the sky” (version from 1968 as “Knights of the sky”) was my favorite TV series.

Did you know about those TV series?