Lesson learned. Don’t go into a Hobbytown USA unsupervised

Because this kind of thing tends to happen…


Meh. It’s made in China. :wink:


If you can’t fly with migs…


Can’t wait to see video of the bottlerocket mod…! :fireworks:


I bet that Gee-Bee is a handful!

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Does that use an electric fan? Pretty slick.

Yes it does…my first ducted fan model. It’s a tiny fan, but it certainly pushes a lot of air out the back. We will see how long it takes for my to crash it… lol.


Some really nice models there in many pieces. The Jets seem to be a real fire hazard.


That was fun!


You fly them you are liable to break them at some point.



That Mig is gorgeous. Lucky man!

I had the previous version of that MiG-15. Very nice little flyer. Fast and small, though.

Nice!!! Love it .

Oh that was beautiful!

The once or twice I flew her, yes she was lol.

HH did recently reissue that model with their “AS3X” system; essentially stab-aug for rc planes. I imagine that helps immensely with stability. I know on many of their other models it helps with windy conditions; a big issue with the ultra micro scale.

Interested to hear how the edf goes, as I’ve not really scratched that itch either. My understanding from reading the findings of others is the model somewhat tracks with its full scale subject; underpowered off the line, but a laser once shes up to speed. And as with the full scale, its all about energy management. Get behind the curve and its tough to get out. Juxtaposed to most of the tail dragging UMX birds where theres ample power on tap to pull yourself out of trouble, and move enough air over the control surfaces for post stall maneuvers.

Its funny, every rc club I’ve ever joined/visited/looked into posts the same “no pyrotechnics” warning. Clearly you aren’t alone in your thinking…

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I just flew it for the first time. It still looks like a Mig 15, but now with some authentic looking dents… :crazy_face:

It flies nicely once you get the hang of it. It can certainly get away from you quite quickly though, and I think I really need more space than my front yard for this model, at least until my skills are a bit sharper. The nice thing with the EDF is that there are no fast moving parts on the outside of the model, so it is quite resilient when you crash it. I have the UM Mosquito from a few years back, and that thing is super fragile with two props, very thin wings and tail surfaces.

So, I guess I will be looking for a larger field.