Let's choose a Mudspike DCS skin8

Continuing the discussion from Razbam Announcement:

@komemiute offered to make a generic Mudspike skin, but didnt want to do the decision-making on it.

How about you all suggest themes for the skin, and I will edit this post to make a poll out of it.

Also vote for the aircraft you prefer skinned:

  • AV-8B
  • Mirage 2000
  • F-5E
  • MiG-21Bis
  • AJ-37
  • A-10C
  • Ka-50
  • Mi-8
  • UH-1
  • Gazelle
  • F-15C
  • A-10A
  • J-11
  • Su-27
  • Su-33
  • Su-25
  • MiG-29A
  • MiG-29M
  • Su-25T

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My suggestion for a theme:


In all honest, with the upcoming F/A-18C, I’d vote for that :slight_smile:

Mirage and AV-8B are tied for second. I voted for AV-8B because I see more people playing that and having a multiplayer skin for Mudspike would be very cool.


There is no f111 option


Dammit. Can’t edit poll to include turkeybird and plastic bug :expressionless:

I’m saying Harrier right now, but like others have said in Two Weeks™ I’d be begging for a Hornet skin.

If there was a F-111 option and someone made you a skin, you couldn’t view it or use it. :slight_smile:


Hahahaha, this is brilliant! :laughing:
Well, if I may add my input to this:

  1. Don’t worry about which plane. I’ll gladly do them all.
    When we want to call the poll over I’ll go in order of votes (unless you’re all going to be funny and all vote for all of them equally!) In case of a tie I’ll go by heart.

  2. I’d suggest to begin with a scheme for Air to Air and one for Air to Ground. Possibly (and against my own grain) let’s leave the helos last.

  3. Once the scheme is elected I’d use a generic average weathering so they don’t look too much fresh-out-of-the-assembly-line. I’ll leave out any roundel or nationality as they would end up being Mudspike’s own Air Force. This will include (when possible) flight suit very own Mudspike tags for name and Squadron (already available).

  4. For that it would be necessary to have a Mascot and gladly I can say I have it- I’ll upload it ASAP.

  5. Hold your horses now BUT as soon as they’re all done I’ll gladly make slightly personalised ones. Mostly in the form of:

    • the User name of choice under the canopy
    • one extra detail of choice (given complexity or lack of they could be two small ones and so on- so no worries)
    • a particular detail on the helmet (within reason)
    • and a different weathering level (within reason)

Open to hear your ideas and impressions. Shoot away!


I’ll never paint any F111 unless Razbam releases an :a6:


Christen Eagle II


No cartoonish mascots, please!

Ouch, I was just finishing this…

My point was that since Mudspike logo is a bomb on target…
Well ok, then. Another poll time :D?



Naw man, that one is farking awesome! it is great! I’m sure the guy meant no anime girls with huge eyes and little jet wings on their backs.

Edit: So we need a new poll, where we choose a fighter and an attack jet? And also people get to posting nice camo schemes so we can have a bit of a choice…

I really like the idea of a jet with mudspike logo for a roundel and that bomb thing for a squadron mark. It’s awesome and I love it.


DUDE, these look awesome! Please, hold on to them.

More than choosing a fighter and an attacker I think the two types should have a different camo.As I said why not make them all.
Also make sure Mudspike Bosses knows about this and all agree. I do not intend to take over or polarise the forum. :slight_smile:

I bet the Big Honcho’s will chime in as soon as they can :slight_smile: Really looking forward to sporting that grinning bomb on my tail or inlet side :smiley:

No rush- I’m anyway booked until the end of the month, so…