Lets compare birds' species

I really like these comparisons shots. feel free to add more ( rl / sim / kits ).





Another favroite


Hardly seems worth the effort :smile:


Growing up before the Eagle I always had the impression the Phantom as a BIG beast (and it was). First time I saw them side-by-side, on the transient ramp, and I was like, “wow, the Eagle is bigger??? - with only one crew!”. This image is a different perspective of course and doesn’t convey that initial ‘wow’ moment in person but best I could find and does illustrate the size of the Eagle a bit.

Courtesy of a good fiend I got to sit in the cockpit of an Eagle once and my second “wow” moment was the sensation of being at the point of pencil with nothing in view except the canopy bow - perched out on the end of a [big] stick kinda thing. Was like I wasn’t really sitting in anything, just hanging, suspended, in space - with this large mass following, closely, behind me.

Came this “| |” close to getting a backseat ride but, drat it all, had to settle for the sim :frowning:

VR still doesn’t yet have the FOV necessary to capture this. We’re getting there.


Back in the 90’s I saw an EA-6B for the first time. I walked out from the FBO to find it parked next to the Citation I was flying. I always imagined an A-6 as something like a big T-37. Nooo. The thing was an airliner!


The eagle is big for a fighter. I loved it though.

The 16 on the other hand is surprisingly small.

This is a 16, 15C, 15E and Su30 i believe.



When I first read about planes it sounded silly to me that an F-15 would be 19 meters long. That was the length of my parents’ house. But that’s exactly how humongous those jets are.

Even more shocking to me: When I first saw a CH-53 in real life. 22m (IIRC) of rotor diameter.
On a rational level I knew that. But seeing it… I was stunned.

Honorable mention: At the Hahnweide air show I saw both a Hawker Sea Fury and a Fairy Gannet. Holy moly, those are prop planes, and they are LARGE. A Pitts was parked under the Sea Fury’s wing.



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F-16 is small for a modern fighter… but Gnat (Ajeet), F-5 and Gripen want a word…


Yep seeing an F-16 on the ramp and some T-38s down the way a bit showed just how hard tying to visually find the F-5 would be.

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T-38’s where tuff for me to see from the tower cab. Took me a while (never got good at it - long story).

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The US Navy’s new “big” jet (FA-18E) refuelling the old big jet, EA-6B

Older US Navy jets, big and small

USN A-6E visiting KLu F-104G at his place.

FA-18E refuelling Aeronavale jets

Do you want to transport a lot or do you want to transport A LOT?

Do you want an Airbus or an AIRBUS?

Est-ce que vous voulez search submarine un peu or REALLY FIND submarine?