Let's get social

I’m curious to know if folks are aware of Mudspike’s twitter account and our Facebook page.

Social media is one of those new fangled things that we’re experimenting with here at Mudspike, but I’m hoping it gets the word out faster when we have new articles or other breaking news.

What is this twitterface thing you speak of?

What about instagram? We need posts of what you guys are having for dinner

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I just stopped using facebook! I still use twitter so Ill follow mudspike there!

Can you not put links on the top or bottom of the forums?

Oh, nice. The people you follow look cooler than the people I follow so I stole a few. :slight_smile:

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Good idea - added. I’ll do the mobile style later when I dig up some less fugly icons.

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Good Idea badge? :stuck_out_tongue:

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:slight_smile: How about I just get you 1 more closer to Nice Post.


Well, I am aware now. :slight_smile: Will make sure to add you and like you and all that stuff once I get home today. Also, can you submit articles for consideration somewhere?

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Send a PM to myself, @BeachAV8R, or @fearlessfrog with your idea. Love to hear it!