LG 32GK850G 32-inch VA panel

Over the last few years I’ve tried many different monitors for flight sims. 4K TV’s, Ultrawide… even tried a Samsung Odyssey for VR. Decided to wait it out for the next-gen VR and GPU’s before trying that again.

Anyway, I’ve been using the LG 32GK850G for the last couple weeks and I REALLY like this display. Its on sale right now at Newegg for $600. Really a fantastic deal. The contrast and blacks are really nice for night flying in DCS. On my previous IPS panels they had so much glow that night flying was terrible. Here’s some of the pros/cons I’ve come up.


  • SIZE! 32-Inches is just great. Nice upgrade coming from a 27-inch monitor
  • Color uniformity is great. I tried the gray uniformity test on rtings.com and this monitor is actually better than my 55-inch Sony TV (also VA panel)
  • VA panels are known not to have quite as good colors as IPS panels. After calibration using settings and ICC profile from
    http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/ colors are FANTASTIC. I have it sitting right next to a Dell IPS display and it looks great.
  • G-Sync is a must have for me
  • 1440p resolution - I actually PREFER this to 4K. I’ll be waiting for another GPU generation or two before I try 4K again. Maybe by then there will be
    some 40-43" 4k @ 120hz G-sync panels out there.
  • RGB lighting is pretty cool
  • OSD controls on the bottom of the monitor are easy to use.
  • Small bezels make the monitor look BIG. I had the Acer XB321HK, also 32" but with bigger bezels. The LG 850G feels bigger.
  • Can go up to 165hz but I don’t care. I run mine at 120hz
  • NO stupid gamer styling. Looks like a professional monitor.


  • ONLY a one-year warranty. This is below industry standard. My ASUS montior for example had a 3 year warranty. This gave me concern and I
    don’t trust LG very much given the issues I’ve had with my LG refrigerator. That being said, I decided to chance it since I have extended warranty
    coverage through my credit card.
  • There is some minor color shifting toward the edge of the screen if you sit to close to it. This is noticeable especially with a solid color background.
  • More color shifting at off angles. If you don’t sit directly in front of your monitor (why wouldn’t you?) then you will notice some color shift. Common
    VA panel issue so no surprise here.
  • OSD bug. There is currently a bug with this display where the OSD pops up for about 10 seconds randomly. I use my monitor for around
    11 hours a day and I’ve seen this once each day. Many users on the forums have reported this. I won’t hold my breath for LG to fix it since the
    manufactures tend to ignore and deny issues with PC monitors for some reason.

Newegg page for those looking:


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I’ve always been stunned about how crisp LG’s images are.


It’s roughly a quarter the size of a 60" 4K TV that you can get for the same price. :wink:

Yes I know this monitor outperforms my 60hz 4K TV in every way but you whippersnappers with your microscope eyesight will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands! :smiley:

Every night is IMAX night in my crib baby!

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Oh I tried a few different 4K TV’s. The latest one was the Sony XBR49X900F. I didn’t like the performance I got with 4K even with my 8700k/1080TI setup. 49 inches is just too big for desk use also. The X900F was not cheaper than my new LG monitor either.

1440p+G-Sync+120hz = smmmoooth :smile: