Light Spring recommendation: Is there no help for the Widow's Son?


Hello All:
I am stuck. I need a light spring as a trigger return on my Sopwith 'stick. Don’t have much room to work with. I got some 8m X 20m ‘yellow’ springs that are supposed to be ‘light load’.
As everything is relative, I guess you could call them ‘light’ although compressing one between your thumb and forefinger is a challenge in manly-ness.
So, does anyone know of any small-scale compression springs that might be lighter than the ‘Mighty Yellow’? I would appreciate it.

Bonus points if you beat Toll to the punch…


Here is what I need it for… It tucks up into a pocket in that ‘plug’

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Sorry, but I have waited patiently for someone else to reply…

Yeah… The yellow ones are the lightest of the springs that’s used for separating metal mould dies. I.e. they are the lightest of the toughest springs there is. :wink:

Regular coil springs should do it, though.
20x8mm is the dimension you need?
Let me have a look.


Do you know what force these springs counter-act? Surely you can find what you need on some sort of spring wholesale website? I’ve seen so many types in shapes and sizes that there must be something out there that fits your need. What sort of measurements are you working with?


8 x 20 mm; don’t know what units springs are measured in, so dont know how to describe force needed. Setting a gallon of milk on top should be able to compress the spring - so 1 gM, I suppose…


thank YOU, sir.


Have you checked a website like this to find exactly what you need?


Here’s what I found…

From left to right:

7,5x35 (14mm when compressed)

I can drop them in an envelope and send them your way. Just send me your adress in a message.


Don’t know how to send a private message here. And I’ll gladly Paypal you whatever you want for postage.
I don’t know what you use for currency over there though; colorful beads? giant stone wheels?


thanks, but i think there is a minimum order quantity of like 150 units, though.


Click on the user name and ‘Message’.
I sent you a message. It should show up as a notification.

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Ahh, the universal solvent…

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