Limited Pitch Authority

I have a MSFS question that might be purely console-related. I use a high quality controller that gives me a control fidelity that I’d say gets me within 80% that of a good stick. In the game I have all settings at full-real and to my knowledge all “crutches” are disabled. I do not use any of the MS “bespoke” collective or anti-torque options. The problem is that I only seem to have about 60% authority in pitch. In roll, full displacement gives full displacement. But in pitch, both the animated stick and the actual control surface stop further movement at 60% stick displacement both fore and aft. In the control settings I can test the stick in pitch and roll and both show proper, full displacement. Also in settings, I have only a small center dead zone. No curves. No extremity dead zones. In XBox settings, the stick is calibrated nicely with no limits. All this really means for me is that I need to trim helicopters often or I run out of stick. First, I do this anyway. And second, that’s not how helicopters work! For airplanes, it generally means I lack the elevator authority to land properly, regardless of trim.