Lionhead - A History

A very good retrospective from a great UK game’s dev house.


I LOVE Lionhead. I remember playing Populous, which was a Molyneux game from Bullfrog, but very “Lionhead-y” and to me set the tone of what to expect from the devs in the future. I played hours and hours of Black and White, which was groundbreaking in many ways. and B&W 2, which I think was good but I feel like I don’t remember it as strongly as the first one.

Fable was a good game, I enjoyed the first one but never hung on to the series after that. Maybe it had something to do with the Microsoft acquisition… The Movies was interesting, and another groundbreaking concept but I feel like it kind of fell flat, commercially. I still enjoyed it though.

A shame that the studio went out like it did, but I guess thats the expected outcome when an ambitious game design house gets bought up by the big money and goes on to full burnout stage. I would love to see more Molyneux-esque stuff on new tech.


Read it this weekend, was fascinating to go through. Such a shame how they went down, especially the whole Fable F2P sounds like a waste of resources.

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Yeah . That’s what happens when accountants choose to direct a Game Studio.


I miss Black & White. That was one of the games I saw on one of those old shows on TechTV as pre-teen and though “DAMN PC GAMING BE COOOOOL.”

I wish someone in a studio like Nightdive would remaster it and put it on steam. Their remaster of Turok was awesome.

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Shame I could only give this comment 1 like lol.

Never played any of their games that I recall, always a shame to see a gaming company go though. Such a brutal business.

This post made me go looking for a B&W download.
Failing that, I went looking for my B&W disks from so long ago.
Couldn’t find them either. Now I’m just depressed.

Thanks, Mudspike. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

IIRC Black & White should be available on Origin.

Nope wrong. There’s a good deal of Bullfrog games but not Lionhead games. Sorry.

Got Some good memories about populous, black & white and even the movies though the last one wasn’t perfect. Shame it had to go down like that.

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@komemiute yup. That was the first place i checked. Guess Microsoft has the ip on lockdown?

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It’s in license hell, as EA has first rights of publish on B&W, but Microsoft own the sequel rights (after EA lapsed), which they won’t do much with.

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I hate the big companies for this reason.

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