Little known tweaks

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…anyway there does seem to be enough editable text files in the X Plane folder to affect many things including what you see in the cockpit.I watched a video recently about changing coding in a text file to change from what angle you could see in your view choices. Thats how you can get a wide angle outside view of the wings that is not standard in X Plane when you assign the numpad numbers to show different views.I was primarily interested in finding a way to show avionics instruments in a larger format or sending the values out to an add on that posted on the screen anywhere you want it…like a big airspeed up in the corner of the screen or heading or something like that. Similar to features in AirManager but free…To fully understand what can be affected in the editable text files would require some serious looking into one file at a time. Could we get some people to start messing around with some of these files?

Go right ahead and start messing around with some of your files.

Also, try formatting.

And not using political terms as pejoratives, yeah that’d be great :+1: