Logitech ARX Control

Any you guys use the Logitech ARX Control to monitor your system? It’s pretty nifty if you always have the Logitech Gaming Software running on your computer. I personally have a Logitech keyboard, mouse and headset so it’s a no brainer. It allows you to monitor your system over WiFi on any device like a phone or tablet. I use a crappy old 7” android tablet …

It’s a pretty old app so it might not display new hardware stats like CPU speed correctly but it’s still very informative about usage.

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I use it occasionaly with an iPad mini. There is built-in access for several games, I used it with iRacing for example and it was cool.

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Nice. I just like the idea of a cheap, independent, low overhead, always visible resource monitor. If anyone has any better ideas, I’d like to hear ‘em.

As for racing … before VR I’d use Dash Cam Pro by Sensadigit on TWO 7” tablets … highly recommended …


Come to think of it, I use XCSoar now for Condor 2.

I’m sure there are tons of these WiFi solutions for our favorite flight simulations.