Logitech MX Keys Mini Review and Support

Picked up one of these about 6 months ago. I needed something where I could swap between PC’s and a Mac etc, plus not for gaming but just lots and lots of typing.

It has a really nice feel, sort of low impact keys. For PC’s I usually use a gaming keyboard, but the clicking and noise was sort of bothering me. This keyboard isn’t great for L33T gaming or anything, as it’s over bluetooth.

Anyway, was using for a while and was disappointed that one of the keys started to ‘stick’ a bit. I gave it a good clean with some air, but no joy. Contacted Logitech support and described the issue and they asked for a receipt and then (surprising to me) just Fedex’d overnight a brand new unit, with a message to ‘go recycle the old one’.

Neat, great support. Unusual a bit nowadays so want to say it was a good thing. Plus I love the keyboard. Recommended if you type a lot.


I do like the way that the keys feel on that keyboard, but what I don’t like is any keyboard which makes me hit an Fn key in order to activate an normal function key, like F1, F2, etc. Hard to do whilst holding a flight stick in your right hand. Is there a mode that keyboard runs in that allows it to behave like a normal keyboard?

Yes, the optional ‘Logitech Options’ app has a setting for that. I too just leave it on function keys:

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Good news, thanks.

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Wrkng on typng les. I dnt wnt 2 wer owt my keebrd 2 fst. Soon 2 kwit uzng pnchoation 2.


I still get amazed by this. I was sad/curious/no, let’s go for sad, enough to FlightAware the Fedex flight, as so surprised it could make it from Memphis, TN to Vancouver, BC so quickly. I’m happy to report it came on an MD11 at 4AM. Those pilots have some grueling work, although I guess it must be nice and quiet?


I’d rather be sat on an MD-11 at 0400 then in this hunk of junk at 0316!!:laughing:


Brilliant. A new level of conspicuous consumption delivery syndrome. Next, we will be stalking KMEM and KSDF in MSFS with live traffic enabled :grin:

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Amen brother.

I lamented after posting this photo the other day that this is my view, always looking up, compared to a pilot’s view, which is usually something completely different.

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I love the graveyard flights. No real taxi delays (well maybe after the sort at the hubs)…often direct routing, your choice of altitudes, and you don’t have to listen to the meat filled tube liners querying about rides all night :rofl:

Also 121.5 is a lot quieter…although sometimes that is an amusing frequency to listen to.

A lot of my coworkers HATE the night shift. I rather like it.


I love driving at night to be honest. Just me. I hate the whole “I work nights” thing but the actual work is much easier

I hope that you vampires are supplementing your vitamin D.

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