Logitech X52 Q for DCS and Win 10...

Like I said before, after a long absence, so long I sold all my old hardware, I’m getting back into flight sims, mainly the DCS and IL2 series… anyway I use to have a X52 and loved it for my purpose and gameplay, sold it… but bought another one yesterday. (I should of researched first but it was a impulse buy, now I understand they have 2 other, newer ones… oh well.)

  1. After hooking it up, lights/power is on, but when I go into the Logitech Gaming app… it says not connected, re-connect. (windows 10); so when I look in devices, it’s there, when I look in game it’s there… anyone know how to get Win 10 to know it’s there… for programming.

  2. Since I can’t program it myself due to No. 1 above, I was looking for some profile for DCS, found a pack but it was other games, including Lock On and for the X55 and X56… will the 55 and 56 profiles work with the 52?


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I think the X52 and X52Pro take some fiddling around to get to work with their own profiles:


One thing that is better in DCS and IL2 nowadays is that you can change controls while in-game. It helps with setting up what you use as you use it, which tends to be the best way to learn a profile. When I have to remember lots of shifts/modifiers that other people put on I usually just end up doing my own anyway.

Ya, looks like I’ll just have to set up the controls for each plane in the options… thx.

That was by-far one of the hugest improvements to DCS World given that every new module has every axis mapped to every controller.

I’ve got the X-56 and it’s working well so far, but unlike my G940 and previous HOTAS I’ve discovered that I’ve really no need to mess with programming the sticks directly and I do it all in the sims themselves.

In some ways it’s a pain, but in others (such as being able to adjust them while in the cockpit) it’s better.

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