Logout/login problems

OS: Windows 7
Browser: Pale Moon v28.7.2

This just started happening two or three days ago but I am unable to logout without going to my Preferences page and using the Log out all link in the Recently Used Devices section.


Up until then I would click on my avatar which brought up my username which was a link. When you clicked on that link a drop down menu appeared and Logout was the last option available.


The username still lights up yellow when you scroll over it and the little hand appears to let you know it should act as a link but nothing happens when you try to click on it.


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There was an update a few days ago. My advice is to wait for the next update. There is nothing that the staff can really do about this.

Pale moon as a fork of Firefox isn’t supported by the main Discourse team. I can look at patching it as it looks for the Goanna rendering engine already, but they’d probably reject my update (as to not get into the support of that browser, rightly or wrongly) and then we’d need to fork our own Discourse source. Which then means we need to merge our own security/features in every update (weekly or so), which is no fun and untenable if I get hit by a bus.

So basically not ideal, as it’s not a supported browser. Sorry wheels.

You could try lobbying for it at meta.discourse.org though.

Thank you for the info @Fridge.
I would never expect you to branch off into custom versions of the software @fearlessfrog. Keeping current versions running has to be a big enough headache.

However I am having the same problem using the same Win 7 machine using the Internet Explorer 11 browser. (Image was added just to confirm I was using Internet Explorer)


When I logout from this session I will check to see if I have this same logout problem using my WIn 10 machine that has the Edge and Firefox browsers next and get back to you. I could see them dropping support for IE too but not the Edge and FIrefox browsers. If that machine doesn’t work a bug report might be in order.


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Yep, the menu is new, so could be buggy. If you find that do report it.

EDIT: Looks like it is getting fixed for IE11, so that’s good. We’ll update when done. Microsoft’s support for Win7 stops Jan 2020, and the Discourse team plan to stop support for IE11 on June 2020 as well.

Just for fun, I did a lookup in the logs of browser user agents over the last little while for here.

There is one other person who uses the Palemoon browser @wheelsup_cavu, so you might have a twin out there (with goatee?).

(It’s listed as #25, so I put a symbol by it, I should have left version on, but it is Palemoon).

I love the idea of #27, in that someone is using a Bluetooth Gibson 6 String Electric Guitar to browse Mudspike. That’s pretty hardcore. :guitar: :mudspike: :wink:


Trial run after they used it to run DOOM!


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Just thought I would throw in that the menu is working from my iPhone on iOS 13.2.3 (latest) with Safari.

For anyone that doesn’t know:
Sometimes site updates create breaks when old cached content doesn’t get cleared, so a forced refresh (Control + F5 on PC) can help with that as it bypasses the cache to get fresh copies of all CSS, JavaScript, HTML, images, etc. Saves having to clear your entire browser cache!

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That’s good advice. We do use ‘digest checksum markers’ in all the scripts and css here, so what that means is that when we update the cache is ‘busted’ automatically, i.e. on the desktop version here’s the css:

You can see the long unique number after the /desktop_ bit gets changed on each update, allowing us to handle load with public CDN’s like Cloudflare etc. Still, a good hard F5 never hurts :slight_smile:

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Cool to see how the forum handles that!
I am working with Magento 2 at work, which has its own similar mechanism - but even then when doing updates I have noticed the browser doesn’t get the new content and a hard refresh solves it.

Magento’s Method

All static content is kept in a local cache with a version number. Ie, URL/pub/media/static/version1571429888/sub folders/

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@wheelsup_cavu - updated just now for hopefully some IE11 fixes, but looking at the changes that might do the job for Pale Moon as well.

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Just confirmed that the Edge browser worked but I suspect your fix would have changed the earlier conditions for it too. Here are a couple of screenshots showing those conditions anyway. :sunglasses:

Logged in using the Edge browser on the Win10 machine.

Drop down menu is available using that browser.


Whatever you did to fix IE11 also fixed the Pale Moon browser @fearlessfrog