Lone Survivor (UnCut)

Hi Everyone !

►The 3rd episode and mission of the Balkans theater is out, i think its the longest flight i ever did on Falcon BMS around 1 hour and 20 mins and i hope you all gonna enjoy it.

►Those have no time to watch the whole thing keep readying the description and you will see the time on the video which is split to parts (So don’t worry i took you guys into consideration).

►Mission Description:

Deep OCA Strike on enemy air base, multiple SAM’S in the area.
Our goal was to take the runway out of action.

1 Element 3 Ship ➤ Ocelot (Flight Lead) ➤ Mamba 2 ➤ Esonub 3

►Parts of the video◄

Taxi to runway 0:00 - 2:08
Takeoff & Rejoin 2:09 - 4:45
Approach 4:46 - 23:00
Fence in 23:01 - 37:45
Engaging Targets 37:46 - 52:20
Very long way back home (with no fuel) 52:20 - The Ending


Awesome! I’ve been enjoying watching your AAR videos as I’m slowly, very slowly learning BMS again.

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glad u like it :slight_smile:

feel free to ask questions if u need :wink: