Look after your health guys please

Fair play guys and fair call, since I posted that I’ve had what is fair to say a bit of a heart scare, woke up to not be able to breath and if I was coming or going, was borderlne calling emergency service’s here it was that bad for a moment.

But yes, at end of the day, I was getting wound up stupid about silly things within our hobby and now know whats important in life.

Had an ECG, sometimes known as a heart trace today, all sorts of electrodes attached to me, lots more blood tests and it looks like I’ve to see a heart specialist very soon.

I’ve had a big scare and need to stay away from stress and flight sim politics.


Hope its all good mate, best of luck.>

And good advice. Stress can go F#### itself.


Wow…glad you caught it and were aware. Indeed, stress can oftentimes feel like a heart attack - I had it happen once during a particularly stressful time of my life. It wasn’t my heart, it was just a culmination of a ton of stress. You’ve got it right though…destress and strive for a healthful lifestyle. I’m hovering around 220 lbs. right now…which isn’t horrible for me (6’ 2"), but I’d be much healthier if I were down around 190 lbs. like I was mid-last year when I was getting ready for that triathlon. This is a good reminder that today is a good day to start working my way back down there.

Hope your doctor visits all turn out OK…



Thanks, taking this scare seriously, bit of history of heart stuff on my dads side, never been a smoker but i like my pints, time to slow down though.


Hope things work out @katana1000s

When I turned 40 I made a real effort to get a fitness bug going and, after about 15 false starts lol, I’m now happy to have turned it into an ingrained habit where the diet and gym are something pretty much essential for me to get through the week. It is pretty much the only way for me to get stress free and I love it.

If you ever want to share what works for you then do feel free - it’s not easy and it is different for everyone but it helps in practically every aspect of your life to get in shape.


Thanks again, Ive to see a cardiologist in next couple of weeks, definitely something wrong with my ticker it seems? Its also hereditary, my Dad and his twin brother had heart attacks about my age, (57 in July) Frog, you are right, its grim that it takes a scare like this to really re-access a life again, but thats what I’m doing now … slowing down quite a bit here now.

Thanks guys