Looking at getting a new gaming computer...specs to judge

Looking for a good gaming computer that won’t have to update at every new installation of DCS modules. I mostly play Falcon 4.34, DCS series, IL 2, CLOD, Battle over Moscow, and a few WWI flight sims,

Here is a computer that I was eyeing…what do you guys think of the specs.

  • Processor: Liquid-Cooled Intel Core i9 10940X 3.3GHz (14 Cores)
  • Chipset: Intel X299
  • Memory: 64GB DDR4 - 4 x 16GB (8 slots total, 256GB Max)
  • Hard Drives: 1TB NVMe SSD + 6TB Hard Drive
  • Video Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X
  • Power Supply: 750 Watt 80Plus Gold Power Supply
  • Network Connectivity: 2x Gigabit | WiFi 802.11ac | Bluetooth 4.2
  • Expansion Slots - Total(Free): 1(0) PCI-E x1 | 4(3) PCI-E x16 | 1(1) M.2 [KEY E] | 2(1) M.2 [KEY M]
  • Ports: 6x USB 2.0 | 2x USB 3.0 | 4x USB 3.2
  • Video Connectivity: 1x HDMI | 3x DisplayPort

I would not go with Intel at the moment, especially considering a build with a processor like this. DCS depends on very good single core performance. If it was a something like 10900k I would say it’s pretty good but personally I would buy AMD at this point.


Every computer prior I have use Intel and never really had any issues. I have the impression that AMD is second in the list…but what do I know…

AMD has done a very good job catching up with Intel over the last years and have finally taken the performance crown with their Ryzen 5000 series, it’s truly impressive what their new CPU’s are capable of. Even if they’re in short supply I would go with AMD if I had to upgrade right now and get a 3000 series CPU until the 5900X becomes available again.

I’ll upgrade next year and if Intel doesn’t have something much faster out by then I will go with a 5900X for gaming and photo/video editing.

If I were going to go with AMD here is my second choice…but still have the Intel one above as first choice…

  • Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.80 GHz|
    64 bit 12-Core 24-Thread Processor|

  • Memory 2 GB DDR4 3600 MHz RGB

  • Storage 1 TB M.2 PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD|

  • Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24 GB GDDR6X|

  • Power Supply 80 Plus Certified 850 Watt|

  • Cooling System|360mm AIO Cooler and 6 RGB Fans

Looks like a beastly mother of a box. Don’t see anything wrong with it. Good luck finding a 3080 tho!

Gaming computers are like TV screens.
They can never be to fast, and TV screens can never be to big…

Only 2GB RAM, are you sure that’s right? That won’t even start DCS.

Here’s what I would do if I had to upgrade right now:

X570 motherboard

Ryzen 5900X if I can find one, otherwise a 3700X until the Zen 3 CPU’S become available again.

64GB DDR4 3800Mhz

Keep my RTX2070 until new GPUs are in stock again

Couple of TB M.2 and SATA SSDs

Unless he’s also using it as a workstation that processor is not the best choice. DCS loves CPUs with extremely good single core performance. An Intel 10900k or an overclocked 10600k will fare much better in DCS than a CPU like this.

And the Ryzen 5000 CPUs have even better single core performance but of course their availability is rather limited atm. I’d still go with AMD though and get an older Ryzen to bridge the gap.

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I have been looking closely at fps from a range of Intel processors and don’t feel any need to go for something more than my 6 core 8600k paired with an upgrade to my 1080 it will serve me for at least another 3 years.
If I was building a new system I would be looking to AMD for bang for buck although I would still go for the 3080 over the new AMD gpus though.
Personally I am waiting the release of the 3080ti and the race to grab a new gpu slows down enough for stocks to be available. This is to pair with a reverb g2 when they become available and the tracking is fixed.
Good luck with your build whatever you pick. Can you elaborate on your watercooling solution please

Was looking online,and found this for Ibuypower…What do you guys think of the system

AMD Ryzen 9 Custom Gaming

Case - ADATA XPG Invader Tempered Glass Gaming Case - Black

Case Fans- 3x [ARGB] Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB Sync Radiator Fan TT
Premium Edition 120mm Fan (don’t really know what I need for this).

Internal Expansion|[5-Port] NZXT Internal USB Expansion Hub- 3 Internal connectors, 2 external connectors + ASUS Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter|

Processor - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Processor (12x 3.8GHZ/64MB L3 Cache)

Processor Cooling| - 240mm Addressable RGB Liquid Cooling System - Black - Free Upgrade to DEEPCOOL GAMERSTORM RGB 240mm CASTLE 240EX Liquid Cooler

Memory - 64 GB [16 GB x4] DDR4-3200 Memory Module - Corsair Vengeance-LPX|

Video Card - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 - 10GB GDDR6X - MSI Ventus 3X OC (VR-Ready)

Motherboard| - SRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4 - ARGB Header (1), USB 3.2 Ports (8 Type-A), M.2 Slot (3)

Power Supply - 750 Watt - CORSAIR RM750X White - 80 PLUS Gold, Fully Modular|

Primary Hard Drive - 1 TB WD Blue SN550 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD – Read: 2400MB/s; Write: 1750MB/s|

Secondary Hard Drive - 2 TB Hard Drive – 256MB Cache, 7200RPM, 6.0Gb/s - Single Drive|

Sound Card - 3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard (probably will upgrade to a soundblastercard).

Network Card - Onboard LAN Network (Gb or 10/100)|

USB Expansion Card - PCI-Express USB 3.0 Expansion Card (2x External Port + 1x Header)|

Operating System -Windows 10 Home - (64-bit)

Don’t know about the Mainboard manufacturer but the rest sounds pretty good. Depending on your requirements, the secondary hard drive may be a bit small.

What type of mainboard mfg would you go with…
The second hard drive seem bigger than the primary…what size would you go with.

I usually go with ASUS, but that’s a personal preference. I think there’s a typo and it should say ASRock. Can’t say anything about that brand as i simply don’t know enough about it.

Regarding HDD, my current one is a 6TB WD Green, but again, that is coupled to my requirements. It could very well be that 2TB will be ample space for you.

Only 1TB of SSD space? up that space because you want to install the games on the SSD only as well.

For Falcon defo stick with NVIDIA has been better in the past due to better driver compatibility.

I can certainly go to 2 or 3 tb…
I have always been a Nvidia person…so I will stick with that…but this will be the first time I don’t go with intel…but go with AMD processor.

Was going to pull the trigger on Monday…but if I wait to Friday or even Cyber Monday…I don’t think the components that I am looking at will have a significant drop. These items are pretty new so there is no reason to drop the price.
Plus, the order to ship time for them is 3-4 weeks or possibly longer due to Covid19. If I order Monday…perhaps I can get before Christmas…Not that I will be doing anything after Christmas either…

A little bump here…

Well, I’m doing it - buying a new rig. Completely new one. Annnnnndddd: I’m gonna build it myself. Last time I did that you had to set DIP switches and cross-over pins. A day or so of digging and, so far, what I’ve learned is:

  • Matching things up is the trick: Mobo to CPU, memory, etc. So many choices too.

  • This GPU mess is, well, a mess. Those of you that got a 2080Ti a while ago seem to be ahead of the game; my plan to pick one up for a ‘song’ was torpedoed by all this craziness. The “never buy 1st gen” theory. Usually works. Usually.

  • Going to basically build it from the “outside in”; Case, then the PSU, etc. Working down to the mobo and such. Of course how long this takes depends on how long it takes to fill the GPU slot. But, I have patience.

  • I can save some, to me, significant cash. The time spent trying to find a pre-built was spent trying grok on building it myself; the same money, so far only on paper, has gotten me higher performance. Minus the GPU thing.

Wish me luck.

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https://pcpartpicker.com/ is free to use, and can flag any parts incompatibilities plus point out sales bundles if in your region.

https://www.logicalincrements.com/ is interesting just to make sure the parts you get are ‘balanced’.

I too was looking for a new GPU but have given up. The best time to buy one is ‘in the future’ so it’ll work itself out. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I used the former (and scouring benchmark reviews, gleaning parts from their setups). The latter I’ll check out now. Thanks again.

Looks like I did ok so far. That site led me to a recommendation that is a near match for my parts list. Minus the GPU; slightly different cooler. I’m going for more memory as I don’t need storage space so much; have HDD and SSD’s coming out my ‘display port’, if you will. There’s an SSD sitting on my bookcase that’s never been opened.

Anybody here install Windows from scratch lately? Last time I did came on 10,000 3.5" disks.

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jross your in luck Windows 10 is very easy to install. :grin: