Looking for a decent Embraer (E-Jet or ERJ) flight sim add-on

Hi folks,

As the “Chuck’s Guides” series keeps expanding, I’ve started to gain an interest in a new bunch of planes for a new project, mainly the Embraer E-Jets and ERJs. I’m aware that FeelThere/Wilco has done both for P3D quite a while ago and that they show their age, but SSG and X-Crafts have also done E-Jets for X-Plane. The TEKTON FMC of the X-Crafts isn’t used on the E-Jets, so I don’t really see the point in buying it, which leaves me with the SSG E-Jets.

I’m looking for an add-on that has enough system depth to use normal operation checklists. What do you think of the SSG E-Jets? Are they worth it if I intend to use them for a guide?

Thanks in advance for your advice,



I wish someone would come out with a super-sexy E-135. The only one out there is very, very dated and not very realistic, but I love flying it. I always thought the 135 was the best looking of all of them.

Like you said, the X-Crafts version uses the wrong FMC, and I haven’t kept up to date with the SSG version. I looked at them a few years ago but they had early teething pains and I never followed up. Sorry I can’t help out really…

The SSg E-170 is free on the .org forums

It was their plane before the current 170 Evolution. When they released the E-170 evolution they made this one free.

If i remember it had a basic FMC though, I could be wrong.

I have thier E-170 Evo but havent flown X plane in about 2 years, So I dont remember much about it


Ive got both from FeelThere. The ERJ is much better.