Looking for a easy vid editor... Suggustions?

Seems my beloved, simple, and easy M$ Movie Maker doesn’t install on my Windows 10 machine… so looking for a similar program that is easy and quick to use, to throw in a few clips, trim them down, put a title and done… any suggestions? Prefer free, but willing to pay a little.

I don’t think GoPro’s software requires a GoPro. I use it sometimes when I am too lazy for imovie.


I use that GoPro software as well, it is decent.
Afterwards you can use Avidemux to adjust formats and stuff.

thx, I do have that and go pros already, didn’t think too use it for other video editing needs, will try it.

tried it, wouldn’t support AVI files, even with changing it to support all files.

@Magnum50, what about trans-coding your video files with avidemux to MP4 to use in GoPro Studio?

ya, can convert…also found some free similar program but with ad pop ups, but it will do.

I’ve recently started messing around with basic video editing. The best free solution I ran across was shotcut. It’s got a few quirks but works with most video formats, is relatively simple to use, and did I mention open-source free?

I’m taking the plunge and learning Final Cut Pro, after many years of using CyberLink PowerDirector in Windows, which is great by the way. Why FCP? I bought an iMac last year to learn music recording and editing, learn basic keyboard, and get the kids involved in music. My local Guitar Center has free Garage Band classes and although a lot of what you learn works across any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), GB is really powerful for minimal investment. iMovie is not bad, but my time with PowerDirector had me wanting something a little less dumbed down. And there is a pretty big community and a ton of tutorials supporting FCP. Anyway, editing my first movie ATM in Final Cut. Try not to laugh.