Looking for a F-18 known issues list

Is there any chance one of you fine upstanding gentlemen might know where I can get a reasonably current known issues list for the F-18 ? Finding the intended update fixes/ Partial roadmap iss easy. yet a current and full known issues list alludes me still.

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I am not sure if one has been compiled.

It’s quite hard to tell as the state of the DCS Hornet bug report forum’s maintenance is a bit sub-par in terms of marking threads as even verified bugs (and not user issues) and then again threads do not get marked as resolved when a patch comes out. Some bugs are posted to the DCS World section itself such as under MP Issues or Weapon Issues as well. There are also old, unsolved bugs buried a few pages back now too with 2.5.6 adding so many new ones.

Now I must also be fair to the community managers, as they get bombarded with reports from all the sub-forums and ED’s discord too - so thread marking gets forgot sometimes. Each patch we get new bugs, solved bugs and old bugs that come back.

I’d love a list too, but unless ED themselves implement a public bug tracking system where each bug is given an ID#, and tagged to specific weapons, airframes or game modes I don’t think full list will be possible.

If you have any specific concerns though, there are a number of us here that can happily join your “research team” to find an existing report, or try to replicate an issue so we can make a new one.

As someone learning the Hornet currently I can only agree that a full list would be nice.
I stumble upon issues from time to time and often I need to browse through dozens of forum posts to try and find out if I am the one doing something wrong or the sim.
(Like today when I found out that for some reason the storage page set the quantity for my bomb drops to -107 so the bombs didn’t come off the pylons…)

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Another issue here is that patches tend to both fix and break things quite often. By the time such a list is compiled the next patch comes out and a different set of rules apply.

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