Looking for a new HOTAS hardware over CH Products

Currently I have the CH Fighterstick, Throttle and Pedals. While everything still works relatively OK. I realize that when I upgrade from win 8.1 to win 1X.X with a new faster and better rig (sometime in the near future) I might as well go with a better HOTAS hardware.

I have been looking at Thurstmaster, but there seems to be no rudder pedals.

What is a more current hardware for Hotas that has rudder pedals. I would like something that is all in one as I feel it would reduce conflicts and be recognized by a system and game better.
(That is only my uninformed, untested and un-researched opinion…so it may be a myth in my head…if so,please suggest).


Hey @jack72. It depends on how much you want to spend, really. I think that Thrustmaster has a set with everything, on the lower end of the price/quality spectrum.

Next up is likely the Logitech/Saitek components but, off hand, I am not sure about the availability of their pedals - which are a separate component.

Beyond that, the options only go up but rudder pedals are usually a separate purchase. Logitech has some more capable stick/throttle components but beyond that you move into Thrustmaster’s HOTAS set and the Virpil/VKB options which are all separate component purchases.

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In a similar situation. Gradually replacing all three as all of my CH units; they are all about 20 years old…

My CH throttle has finally wore me out; it still works but I’m tired of the apparent ‘noise’ from the potentiometers. Oddly, even with the constant ‘twitching’, I can do intricate things just fine (in my mind :slight_smile: ), like AR. I’ve replaced the ‘pots’ but it’s still there; different USB ports hasn’t helped either. So I’ve just ordered a Virpil throttle. Sounds like it should last a long time too, which is a requirement. Hopefully I can give my 2-cents on this in, oh, maybe a month. Really no idea how long it will take to get it into my paws.

I looked at most of the other players in this field but the Virpil is consistently getting good reviews.

Next up will be rudders but not yet researched this in depth. My CH rudders have always left me ‘wanting’ but they’ve always worked.

And finally I’ll look at a new stick. Something as generic as I can find (lots of ‘admin’ buttons if able). The CH Fighter stick (F16 replica) is still going strong. No issues but its days may be numbered. Most likely to be replaced by a butt-ugly Virpil stick here too. I could care less what it looks like though; I use several different aircraft; functionality and longevity is more important.

Thrustmaster stuff just didn’t do it for me, based on research. I was this “||” close to ordering the WH Throttle but having to immediately replace the TDC was an issue and the Virpil has more buttons it seems. We’ll see.

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Hey @jack72
I can chime in on having a full set. It may depend on which Sim you fly, but all of my simulators (X-Plane (11), DCS and Elite) treat separate USB devices/controllers as separate devices so it doesn’t seem to matter whether they match. Iam currently using a Thrustmaster TWCS throttle, Saitek Rudder Pedals and a Virpil stick.
I have the Thrustmaster TWCS, which is quite precise with its Hall sensors, but also (like the Warthog stick) heavily reliant on plastic parts for essential functions. The reason I mention this stick is that it has a ‘full set’ feature that would actually work in my sims: it can be linked up with a specific Thrustmaster rudder device, and then both devices will be treated as a single device by the PC.

However, you do lose one axis (rocker) on the throttle by doing that.

As such, I have never considered it advantageous to have all devices from a single manufacturer.

The Saitek pedals are squeaky and have a lot of slack around the center, but the Virpil stick (T-50CM2 with curved extension) is amazing and should last a while!

Howdy @jack72

Just my 2 cents worth, I had a CH Fighterstick and Pro throttle with Saitek rudder pedals set up for the longest time. I just built a new Computer this year and decided to upgrade my HOTAS as well. Nothing was wrong but it was time to retire the CH stuff. I do alot of driving games as well as flying. My biggest complaint was moving pedals.

So I went with a Logitech X56. This allowed me to use the twist in the stick as the rudder. This works go for me.

the only issue I have had with the X56 was the fact that the stick and throttle both have mini sticks. But I asked around here at the forums and was able to make one mini stick into another hat.

So long story short, give the X56 a look since Logitech acquired Saitek the X56 has gotten better.