Looking to get VR equipment for a laptop

Ok,this may take a while to explain…I would like to get into the VR scene using a laptop

I travel a lot and have lots of downtime in hotels…so I would like to have a laptop that can run VR games (doesn’t have to be flight sim related).

Can anyone suggest what type of laptop is needed, with the appropriate level of graphic cards and inside accessories needed to be able to run some VR games (doesn’t have to be flight sim related).

Also what is a good VR headset right now…Is Occuls Rift still the one to get? Or are we still to early to see a leader…

Would like a descent system and I realize I will have to spend money. I would like to order this from a computer store (website) and I live in Canada…so a Canadian site would be appreciated.

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Very short answer:

Get a gaming laptop with at least a 1070 graphics card and at least 16GB RAM.
A gaming laptop for ~2000 Euros should have all the stuff you need.

Then get an Oculus Rift (can be the old one, a laptop probably won’t be able to handle high resolutions anyway).
That should be enough to run most VR games, at least on low settings.

If you want more than minimum quality… probably impossible unless you want to pay 4000 Euros for the laptop.

A Rift S would be a good choice at this point… but also maybe consider the Oculus Quest, which doesn’t even need the laptop. Obviously you wont be playing X-Plane or DCS on the Quest though.

Just curious…what do you mean the Oculus quest doesn’t require a laptop…
Does this have it’s own hd that I can store games on the OQuest or a mobile HD and access them through the VR unit?

canadacomputers.com or newegg.ca would be the top two web stores I recommend. I buy from CC in-store locally typically, but have bought online too. Newegg I have made multiple purchases through - but they are now a multi-vendor store like Amazon, so I would suggest selecting “from Newegg only” on the filters when browsing first. The other vendors can be good, but you may not get the same availability or lead time as from Newegg’s own warehouses.

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It’s a fully self contained unit…

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The Oculus Quest for general VR looks really interesting. I am hopeful that mainstream VR might take off with that, which will hopefully have knock-on benefits for the sim people down the road.

If you are keen on X-Plane and DCS then I think the Rift S is worth a good look. Best Buy in Canada are setting up demo stations, as it is out around May 23rd I think?

Seems the Oculus Quest would be great if you have an Xbox or PCS system with VR games.

Just curious,are there movies that you can watch as in VR that makes you think you are in the scenery. I guess, if they did, they would just have to add electric shock for the real effects…LOL.

Just to be clear, the Oculus Quest is a completely stand-alone system, as in, you can’t play PC or any other console games on it. It is essentially a console of its own, and uses a stripped down version of Android (the phone OS) and a few of the Oculus VR titles are ported to it. It’s not out yet, but is a good ‘all in one’ option as it doesn’t need an expensive PC. Not great if you want to play flight sims in VR though.

Here’s a good summary of all the VR options as of today: