Love my Nikon P900

So I’ve had my Nikon P900 for a couple years now - and man, I love this camera. It doesn’t do all things great…but it does do a lot of things good. The reason I wanted it was because I do a ton of hiking, nature stuff, and of course airplane photos. The major selling point is the ridiculous 83x optical zoom…which is pretty phenomenal for a self contained camera and lens. (All these pics are reduced in quality so as not to be bandwidth problems…from 4608 x 3456 and 7MB to down around 1200 x X and 200KB…

A good demonstration of how nuts the 83x zoom is - here are three photos I took at the soccer game the other day…the first is at the least zoom level, then mid, then full…

Pretty amazing that you can tell what brand of beer someone is holding from across the stadium with a relatively cheap camera…!


Ya I bet you were taking a picture of the beer!

That is pretty ridiculous on the zoom though. So clear!

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To be fair…I was trying to find an easy to find spot in the frame…so the big “F” in FedEx was easy to see. There were some much…umm…more scantily clad girls I could have used as an example… :smiley:

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haha, that I definitely believe. Football matches are notorious for that.


Definitely. And Formula 1…

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My Canon EOD 650 can’t take pics as good as that even with a 300mm lens. I may have to look at some of the new compacts :slight_smile:

clearly you need one of these:


Very kind offer sir, I look forward to my present :gift: