lower landing gear close to speed of sound bf109 -il2 battle of stalingrad



What is the max safe speed to lower landing gear in a 109? does any expert here know? I’m always afraid to lower if going too fast.

I did a test when going over 700 km/ph and it didn’t go so well.


Any landing you can walk away from …etc.

For max Landing gear Extension speed, check the manual for V LE speed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually walking away from that flight is no mean feat! well done @il2crashesnfails!


thanks I usually crash and explode all the time!


You could start a trend with your threads… :smiley:


And thus the new trend of ever restrictive FAR’s was born.



You remind me of another great pioneer of our times… @doctorZebra.
I miss him. :slight_smile:


Did everyone see the cowlings that covered the gear get blown off?>