Lukla/Himalayan- X-Plane 11 Scenery Recommendations?

I know the OrthoXP thread has some discussion about this but I’m more of wondering what is out there that’s already compiled scenery to cover the area around Lukla and possibly Kathmandu Airport?

More specifically:
-Do I need to download a mesh?
-Is there ortho coverage already or would one have to make their own in OrthoXP?
-Any payware available?

I found this on the org, looks like people are actively working on it but it’s a little sparse on visuals:

Wish I could help with that one. The only Lukla scenery I’ve ever used is the Aerosoft one for FSX/P3D…I’m not real sure what is available for X-Plane other than what you’ve linked. I’m surprised a payware developer hasn’t hopped on that since it is such an iconic spot…

That would be a tough one. The only scenery worth drawing is vertical!

Bummer! I’m half tempted to try and make it myself but I’ve made a custom airport before and know how much work it really takes… and that was on flat ground. Maybe if I somehow get loads of free time someday.

I didn’t plan on doing this but somehow I started making an Ortho4XP tile and ended up getting everything to work using that link from above. You have to read the comments and download some more files that other posters linked to fixed problems with the runway.

Forgot to lower the gear on this one…

Smashed into the embankment