M2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon

Originally published at: http://www.mudspike.com/m2000c-red-flag-campaign-by-baltic-dragon/

Introduction Baltic Dragon. If you fly single player campaigns in DCS World, by now you must surely know this name. He has become a prolific, focused DCS mission builder and campaign designer. Here at Mudspike, we have previewed his previous work: “Einstein” with the Mirage 2000C campaign, “BeachAV8R” with The Enemy Within and with Iron…


Something for everyone to read while waiting for DCS 2.5 to download and install :grin:


For anyone wondering, @Baltic_Dragon has also update the RAZBAM Mirage 2000C Campaign to work with DCS World 2.5 as well. Check out the info: here.

Check it out! 1200 lines voiced by the community!


Thanks for the info about that :slight_smile: seems that the updated campaign doesn’t work too well for some reason so I will work on it some more in the coming days!


Thanks for the great write-up…! That makes two reasons I should give the M2000C (which I’ve not flown yet!) a whirl…

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Oh man, you should. It’s great.

It looks good and therefore it flies good. Such a hotrod. Fast as bad news, but it sheds that smash like a cheap woman sheds her decency if you make more than half a hard turn.

Even though its a full realism DCS module, its a simple jet. Just a tad more complex than a F-5E, so the amount of study required is only slightly above the FC3 jets.

La Mirage may be my favourite DCS module. I just love that thing.


The M2000C is a lot of fun, and has a very different feel to it, thanks to FBW…

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Hey guys, as an update - the campaign has been sent for testing to ED. Don’t know when it will be out as I imagine that guys are now busy with Open Beta and turning it into stable, but this is almost the end of the road :slight_smile:


Kudos to @komemiute, he has done a stellar job, as always! And to participants of the M-2000C Manual cover contest for great screenshots!


Once more I’d like to thank so very much @Baltic_Dragon for the opportunity and his thorough support.
It was a true pleasure to work him, as usual! :smiley:


The campaign is out! It will take me a couple of months but I am looking forward to flying this one fully!