M2000c Waypoint Issues

So I have been flying the M2000c in DCS, trying to learn the ins and outs of it. I flew 6 flights with no issues other than the Radar alt bug and my general lack of patience landing. This morning I went to fly it, I did everything normal except for a rearm at mission start whilst my INS was aligning.

Upon take off my first way point, which should be around 10 nm straight off the runway, was 111 nm to my 6. Every other point was off as well. I figured I fat fingered a number during initial alignment.

So I did the mission again later, and same issue.

Any ideas as to what could cause this? I follow chucks guide to the T.

Perhaps the person who typed in the coords on the kneepad fat fingered a digit and that error gets dutifully copied by you? Have you noticed the author of the mission?

I made the mission lol. The knee pad, I thought, was an automatic update.

Problem solved, User error in type in initial coords. I need to type 36 but typed 38. Problem solved.