Machmell, A Short Story



Never a sound you want to hear climbing. Only thing worse is a series of “poings” as each subsequent protection pulls out (zippering)…that usually ends badly. :see_no_evil:


Isnt this posible in P3Dv4 ?

PS : I will save the story for my next week vacation :slight_smile:


I want to try putting the 412 on the cabin pad tonight. I’ve gotten the Schweitzer in and out, but that was a biotch. Will probably be sawing logs with the 412.


I… Uh… What are we talking about, again?


I said Schweitzer not Schwanz :slight_smile:




You’re not asking for advice but here it is. As you approach the pad there is a stump past the pad and to the right. Get really, uncomfortably close to that stump. If you land at what your brain thinks will center the skids on the the pad, you will roll off it. There’s a bug so it is important that the skids are just forward of center in order to prevent the helicopter from clipping through. Say hi to Angela!


Oh no, I really need advice. Roger, get the nose near the stump.


Ooh…I’m gonna try this tonight too… Currently sipping beers by the pool, so keep low expectations with regards to success…


Here, hold my beer and watch me…


Wow, he walked away! Amazing!


Never get in an airborne heading contraption with a guy named “Hawk”…



I was able to plop the 402 on the little pad, but couldn’t find the sweet spot where it would balance. If I slid it forward enough not to fall off the back, it would tip off the front. Anyway, you guys will probably grease it on.


You actually hit the spot. I am again reminded how much easier life is with VR. But with or without it you need to look down. Your eyepoint should be looking through the tops of your toes. And your FOV should be natural. If you can see the entire panel then it is too wide in my humble opinion. Too wide and all movement seems unnaturally fast which in turn makes hovering with fine stick movements very difficult.


Oh dear…I didn’t do as well as @chipwich - I loaded up my favorite helicopter in X-Plane…the venerable Felis Mi-2. It has been a long while since I flew it, but it seems to be working well enough with XP11. I was a bit high on the approach to the cabin…and there are some trees I’d definitely turn into firewood in that clearing (haha…). I wasn’t using my Rift or TrackIR, so finding the sweet spot for my view was a bit of a challenge and I couldn’t really settle in to a comfortable viewpoint. I ended up with trying to keep the pad in sight out the left quarter of the windscreen…but the attempt was pretty horrible. Landed short and my nice tundra tires made it survivable until I tried to bump up the collective and lift the butt end of the helo onto the pad fully. LOL… Guess I’m stuck until someone delivers some parts!

What a beautiful scenery and setting! I can’t wait to explore it more…


Honing my skils at Burrows Island lighthouse helipad. Machmell Fisheries pad will be next :slight_smile:


Quatam River is out and well worth the wait. It has a map. But the scenery is full of hidden pads. The hours spent learning the area is a game in itself. Lots of animated features. It’s a bush pilot’s dream-world.


I completely missed this post, going to read it in a bit since it’s quite massive!


You might find it to be a bigger bite than you are willing to chew. Just look at the pictures. :grin:


Quatam River is on my list definitely, but stil have lot to explore on the two previous sceneries :slight_smile:

Was thinking like I can land on that rock, but its not landable :ghost: