Machmell, A Short Story



Quatam has lots of very difficult landing spots both for helicopters and fixed wing. The rough-hewn pads assembled on clear-cut hillsides are a bear. The appearance of angle relative to the slope hard to get your head around. If landing on rocks is your cup of tea (it is mine!) then I think you’ll find it a bargain for what you get.


Cool :slight_smile:


not bad landing. imo you hit the sweet spot around 2:00 ±2s.

Before and after this time it is obvious from your vid that the pad has biger visual model than the landable area - your skids were sinking through it.

Regarding the view point, I would litle disagree with Smokin, I setled on seeing the entire panel and perceive relative movement of the cockpit to the background.
Where we agree is that you need to have in your view point also the lower windows in front of your toes. This way you can see when the front edge of the pad has enough ’ slided ’ under your helo and when you can lower your colective.

And @BeachAV8R !? … yeah, keep waiting for the parts mate. :wink: Seriously, this Mi-2 is imo realy sensitive litle bird so taming it low over the ground is realy tricky busines. You should have accepted the main wheels behind the pad and call it a very good landing. :slight_smile: