MacRobertson Air Race (2019)

Nicely done!

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I love it when a plan comes together! 023


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Snuggled in to a short hop last night. Getting closer to Singapore! Flight report later today.


Indeed sir, very good stuff! I dare say the right stuff :smiley:


Added another leg. I will try to get t my write-ups done but they may have to wait until next week (I am away this coming week).

Made it to Singapore and ActiveSkyXP threw some great weather at me for the trip. :frowning:. I may have to find an alternate weather app.

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VTBS Bangkok - WMKP Penang Malaysia
552nm 3:48 Total 53:24

Leaving VTBS

Into Gulf of Thailand

Along the coast

Mostly uneventful…

… until I crossed the Peninsula to the Malacca Strait side, passed Langkawi island which is about 60nm north of Penang and easy to identify, when I descended into thick fog. And there’s no NDB in this area…

I kept at about 2000ft, and Penang island finally showed up to my left at about the right time.

The airport is at the south side of the island. After I passed the hills at the south west corner, lights came into sight.

Approaching. Didn’t strand away too far when flying pattern. Fortunately, the viewing distance was not too bad.

Landed finally

Parked by JAL and KLM


I recommend staying on the east side of the peninsula. The west side seems to get all the weather :slight_smile:


That was actually two days ago. And Singapore might have something different 3 hundreds nm away, for better or worse… seems worse. Bon voyage!

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Au contraire my friend, do tell!


Those tangent episodes are always the best part of events like this. Don’t be shy, @Sine_Nomine


I concur - please, sir, story time!


You can’t just throw out a teaser line like that and not follow through.


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@Sine_Nomine Please keep up the good writing :slightly_smiling_face:

The weather in Penang turned out to be just the same foggy a few days later after I first arrived. It appeared the fog spread all the way to Kuala Lumpur.

Passing a town called “Teluk Intan” where the river twists like a python. An easy fix point in the middle between Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur, I suppose. Should’ve installed the twin tower to make it more like a major metro area.

Heading into a mountainous area to the south.

Passing the last peak after which it’s a relatively flat plateau area. Felt like about to scrape the top. The weather here cleared up.

Could see the Singapore city sky lines in the horizon

I paused the flight and tended to some other stuff. When back unpause it, XP crashed. I just started in the mid of the air around the same location…
Crossing the river to Singapore

The skyscrapers

Almost landed on the military base just next to the east of WSSS. I didn’t put on my VR HMD. Hadn’t done a landing on 2D screen for a while. It felt much more difficult, especially on the timing of flare. Always felt this DC-3 was difficult (to me at least) because the cockpit is high up when touching down. This time it bounced really bad.

And I forgot to release the parking brake before touch down …

It flipped back down itself.

Just not my day. Oh well, I had planned to stay here for a few days anyway :blush:


It happens. @Sine_Nomine might have seen this one floating around the internet quite a few years back…




Wow. Guess it didn’t take long to damage the tires and landing gears to the extent releasing the breaks didn’t matter any more. Wonder how people felt on board

I’m just amazed that Airbus - Masters of Automation, didn’t have some sort of logic on that system that was tied to a squat switch that says something like “Hey…no weight on wheels, Parking Brake is engaged, but we aren’t going to let that happen and will instead default to MAX auto braking or something…” It must just run straight logic from the parking brake switch/handle to the brake hydraulics with nothing in between. Ouch.

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:clap: that’s a nicely done awesome video, and great flight! I do love the music with GeeBee :smile:


Thanks for the family history @Sine_Nomine. :sunglasses:


Replied to the wrong post. Was intending to reply to Cygon_Parrot’s post.


Leg 17: VTSP to WMKP via [no available NDBs]

Aircraft: Carenado Beachcraft Bonanza F33A w/ SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack;
Addon: FSFlyingSchool 2019 for X-Plane 11
Addon: ActiveSky XP;
Addon: UltraWeather XP;

Date: 22 May 2019
Weather: Historical 22 May 2019 @ 07:45 UTC (14:45 local)
Takeoff: ~ 08:00

Leg Total
Planned Distance 207 nm 6711 nm
NDB Beacons Tuned 0 67
Weather ‘Situations’ 0 6
Duration 01 H 38 M 43 H 00 M

Location: Food Court Airport, Arrival, Sungai Tiram, Permatang Damar Laut, Barat Daya, Penang, 11900, Malaysia


Briefing Notes:

This is the first leg where I did not have an NDB beacon to tune to help me navigate! I have had segments of my previous flight plans out of sight of the helpful NDB system but never had to rely on visual navigation up to this point. Lucky for me I didn’t have to head far off shore to try to cut down on the flight time! A series of islands and coastal features, along the way, would provide ample navigation references and allow me to not stray too far from shore or overshoot my intended destination.

I was having a hard time finding a good window to head down the coast, however. I think that because I was on the west side of the land mass, I was running into semi-regular periods of rain and thunderstorms that may just be regular to the region. Either way it left me a limited window to attempt the segment.

Other Media and Notes:

Uneventful startup and taxi. Using LittleNavMap was nice because, with it, I could plan my destinations around airports that had some decent scenery; or maybe the scenery is this nice all over the map and I am convincing myself to accept my own convenient lie :slight_smile:. Either way, whenever I find an airport that has it’s parking spots displayed in LittleNavMap, I have been getting some good terrain.

Yup. I am actually heading uphill on this taxi. :slight_smile:

Of course, not uphill to that hanger, at any rate. Wonder what power setting I would need?

And departing…

I do appreciate the weather graphics as well.

And the VFR navigation opportunities around those clouds.

My alternate, should things go sideways.

I guess I am holding my camera out the window? Probably not a good idea. Wonder what the terminal velocity is for a DSLR?


I guess you can call for a fuel truck in X-Plane and it will, literally, show up. And park a tad close for my taste … but I guess it is only a $40 module and not an expensive real-world airplane :slight_smile: