MacRobertson Air Race (2019)

Had some fun over Singapore :slight_smile:


Agree 100% :slight_smile:

Navigation was piece of cake along the South coast. Then these nice Singapore buildings. They reminded me of something…

…I didnt buzz anything lately :smile:

Having too much fun !? :sweat_smile:

Luckily did successful in flight restart and sayed BB to Singapore. Hdg South for my planned destination…

…VIDD Hang Nadim airport. South from here are issued some SIGMETs so staying over night


Another nice way to use it! I had to make a similar turn in my Baghdad - Doha leg when I deviated into the Gulf (had planned to fly along the coast), but only ran into Doha after I turned 90 degree by luck.

I also made it to Allahabad with two legs from Karachi. The weather was quite nice. And there are so many lakes / rivers, it wasn’t too difficult to follow the plan.

OPKC - VIKO 505nm 3:40
VIKO - VEAB 330nm 2:15
Total 41:15

Leaving Karachi

Is this how you usually see the sun early in the morning in XP (or in real life)?

Kachchh Desert WLS? Didn’t realize it is more like a huge lake based on PlanG’s map.

Not sure how a carrier got into this water body

Many rivers to help navigation. I believe this is shortly after Deesa. Have to say the default XP11 scenery isn’t too bad, though some pattern repetition. At least the rivers /lakes are identifiable.

Passing Udaipur

Chambal River valley close to Kota.

Arriving at Kota

Heading for Allahabad early in the morning the next day. River is the theme again.

I like the way the clouds looked

Passing by Matatila Reservoir

Approaching Allahabad. Big rivers and contributions made it easy to locate.

But the airport looks pretty barren.


Allahabad to Calcutta VECC, straight shot, 404nm, 2:40, total 43:55

The weather was clear - for most part.

Nice morning in the cockpit

Leaving VEAB (pretty bad color variance of Ortho tiles…)

Approaching Bokaro. The lakes were quite visible and easy to locate.

More clouds when arrived at Calcutta, but the city and the Hooglay River were still quite visible down below.

The airport

When down through the clouds, it got foggy.

And foggier… but the airport can still be seen.

Seconds later, it’s all absorbed…

Luckily, the lights pierced the fog and guided me down

A much nicer airport than VEAB… Felt more welcome.

Hello, Alaska Airline. What are you doing here?


Cranking mode for the race / multitasking mode when working from home :smile:

Calcutta - Bangkok 911nm 5:41
Total 49:36
Had planned to land in Yangon, Myanmar, in between, but overshot a little bit. Since there’s plenty of fuel, and I was too lazy to descend, I just carried on to Thailand. The flight path below starts in the middle of the flight because I remembered to log into x-flightserver only after takeoff.

I used Active Sky historic weather mode of yesterday’s data. It was pretty foggy in Calcutta when I took off at 6:30am local time. I climbed all the way through to 15500 ft / 4500 m for some clear sky.

Crossing the north tip of Bay of Bangal.

Along Myanmar’s coastal line

X-Plane needs to put in some other ship models than just the US aircraft carrier

Passing Thandwe / VYTD, entering the inland portion of the flight

Already passed Yangon and Andaman Sea, entered Malay Peninsula. Some interesting shaped mountains and lakes. This one looks like a person with really short torso and long legs. Google Map does not show any name of it.

Strangely looking rendition of clouds in the mountains.

In Thailand. Sinakharin lake, as Google says. Several national parks in this area.

Approaching Bangkok VTBS

After landed, I hit replay, trying to take some more screenshots. But my XP crashed when I dragged the time bar. Had wanted to show the taxi way that’s as wide as the runway and of just the same color. I was going to land on the taxi way, and switched over only in the last moment, realizing that’s not a usual threshold. :sweat_smile:


Didnt make it all the way to Batavia. Needed two legs to got close enough.


Stormy weather North of Singapore. Already trying to find my fuel stop WIDS Dabo

This didnt look good. Crosswind ! Landing was harsh but the takeoff was horrible ! Next time I will try to land and takeoff on the grass at least slightly into the wind :slight_smile:

Inland Sumatra it was not really interesting. Mostly flat.
Reached the southern coast and positively identified Bandar Lampung city to my right

Already low on fuel. I knew there is airport North of Bandar. But my planned destination was Java.
Decision made, lets push South East. After few minutes looking on my fuel gauge my courage dissipated and I turned 180

Back to Bandar and little North… airport in sight. You can see my fuel state at that moment :slight_smile:


Yeah, a Spitfire glider is not a good thing.


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You do have the spirit of a pioneer @Sine_Nomine, going above the undercast in that adorable little death trap of yours like that!


A boat might be easier… Maybe just skip it. Better for health.

Though I think this rendering makes more sense than what XP did where I could see the ground at 4000m but haze/fog close to the ground


Some truly heroic flying there! Edge of the seat stuff there mister! thanks :salute:


I wanted to write to you that it sure will ! But too late now you discovered it all by yourself :wink:

Considered also many times to change to ride or change the track but hey, this is a Race and it will all turn up good in the end :slight_smile:

And agree with the problematic depiction of haze / fog in XP @ffly . If you have enough height you can clearly see the ground. It works OK only when there are low clouds and you are forced to fly low… like most of my flights from India to Indonesia :smile:

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Nicely done!

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I love it when a plan comes together! 023


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Snuggled in to a short hop last night. Getting closer to Singapore! Flight report later today.


Indeed sir, very good stuff! I dare say the right stuff :smiley:


Added another leg. I will try to get t my write-ups done but they may have to wait until next week (I am away this coming week).

Made it to Singapore and ActiveSkyXP threw some great weather at me for the trip. :frowning:. I may have to find an alternate weather app.

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VTBS Bangkok - WMKP Penang Malaysia
552nm 3:48 Total 53:24

Leaving VTBS

Into Gulf of Thailand

Along the coast

Mostly uneventful…

… until I crossed the Peninsula to the Malacca Strait side, passed Langkawi island which is about 60nm north of Penang and easy to identify, when I descended into thick fog. And there’s no NDB in this area…

I kept at about 2000ft, and Penang island finally showed up to my left at about the right time.

The airport is at the south side of the island. After I passed the hills at the south west corner, lights came into sight.

Approaching. Didn’t strand away too far when flying pattern. Fortunately, the viewing distance was not too bad.

Landed finally

Parked by JAL and KLM


I recommend staying on the east side of the peninsula. The west side seems to get all the weather :slight_smile:


That was actually two days ago. And Singapore might have something different 3 hundreds nm away, for better or worse… seems worse. Bon voyage!

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Au contraire my friend, do tell!