MacRobertson Air Race (2019)

Realy interesting part of the Race for me.

Jawa crossing was beautiful and terrible at the same time.


Heading for Rambang area in good mood. Beautiful weather and lot of vistas to njoy

Reaching Selaparang

Fueled at Selaparang as usual - full tanks. Takeoffs and landings from grass strips next to the runways. Thats what these birds were built for. But carburettor dust filter needs to be in in that case. Just be sure to not forget to put it out of operation :wink:

Leaving Selaparang

After the hazy fogy previous legs this is realy nice compensation

Up until the engine got quiet ! What the … ?? … out of fuel ! But how ? Yep, that carb filter I forgot to disable = increased drag, higher fuel consumption

Waingapu airfield in sight already at my 11 o’clock but I hardly glided to the beach where I ditched poorly that poor Spit.

And thats the end of this nice bird. I flipped it over ! She served me realy well. Sad that I have to leave her here in the sand.

Was realy upset by these events. Whats next ? This is the END ? Or should I check if in Waingapu they have anything suitable for me to continue ? …


After few days recovery at Waingapu I felt good and ready to go again. After all, challenging Australia is already ahead !


I felt that I have to take a little of the ’ sand ’ with me to Australia :slight_smile:

Weather in Waingapu was little cloudy so I climbed above the layer. It took me some time before I figured out how to make compass to work and established my next hdg

Few last flights I realy didnt pay much attention to the weather enroute. But going lucky. Diverted little bit off course but reached Kupang

Had some easterly 16kt winds at Kupang so decided to compensate for them for this over water leg to Truscott-Mungalalu as Darwin was out of reach for my new bird.
Also there was night already in this part of the world so I dialed back the time slightly to just allow myslef for this leg before the sunset

Obviously the winds got weaker closer to Australia cost so I over compensated.
Spotted land to my right in the dying light. Almost feet dry I had to establish my position. Already and again low on fuel I preyed quietly not o repeat my previous mishap

Too much left was the final conclusion. And it turned out well, Truscott in gun-sight ! Ahoj Australia ! :slight_smile:


For me this is also not realy ’ clear ’ why P3D, while so many times updated, has dated ( maybe still FSX ) scenery database.
I guess they updated only USA scenery and the rest of the world they left as was.

Coincidentally I also landed at Selaparang but Lombog International is part of XP11 scenery

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Doh! I am a little tied up and the moment and can’t seem to get that last leg or two in. My PC is having heating issues and it may be time for an upgrade :slight_smile:

Or you are another aspirant for


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My rig is a few years old at this point and I have been putting off upgrading for some time … until I could get a good, solid follow up system. I had a night of shutdowns pretty much no matter what I did. I was poking around and slicing some 3d models for the 3d Printer and every time ‘the math’ would kick in, down she would go. I opened it up and poked around a little and nothing looked out of tune but now I am being cautious :slight_smile: but it seems to be working again.

I mean, it’s a good enough reason to finally upgrade, no? :slight_smile:

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…some patches here and there :slight_smile:


For Australia I changed my ride again. Two engines and two set of eyes :slight_smile:

Wanted to try this free / donation-ware L-410 Turbolet for a long time. And I feel like Xmas flight is still far away.
As it has STOL capabilities I decided to check Australia bush strips along the road.


Newcastle Waters is not on SkyVector but fortunately it is part of XP database. Btw dont realy know what are addon devs doing - no ORBX Australia for XP, no Carenado Beech D18S for XP…

Weather OK so off we go from Truscott-Mungalalu where we left the Bf109F

This one is little big for a bush strip I guess :slight_smile: Kalumburu airport

Not many terrain features like in Jawa but the first half of this track was mostly along the cost so no problem

Lagune Stn strip in sight

Desert was available only in small pieces :slight_smile:

Second half, after passing Victoria River and Timber Creek strip, became interesting little bit more. Less terrain, less water.
Killarney strip is located in the ’ middle of nowhere '. But weather did hold

Closer to my destination some clouds and haze welcomed us. We waited for Pamayu River, running into Lake Woods, and there it was Newcastle Waters


Early morning test of the xp map app. Nice. Its much more convenient to plan flights now.

Short hop from YNCW Newcastle Waters strip to YELL Elliott strip ( none of these is listed on )


xp airports


I certainly remember watching Flying Doctors back in the 80’s. I recall thinking that if I couldn’t be a fighter pilot, that kind of flying looked like something I would enjoy. They fly King Air’s now, so for awhile there I got close (minus the whole bush flying thing).


And PC-24s now!


Looking forward to the Australia reports!

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I grew up with the flying doctors. It was a weekly after dinner thing all through my formative years. Doctor Geoff and nurse Kate, they’ve taught me English and what soap opera tv is all about lol.

And of course those planes. GAF nomads weren’t they? Local built ozzie planes?

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So that Orbx Australia will be perfect fit for XP then. But my wallet is consoled that it is still not available :wink:
Lets see how new technologies of streaming photo-real scenery will work in the near future.

Anyway definitely looking forward to your reports and screens. Default XP scenery was good near the northern coast. Further south there are many repeating textures it seems.

Btw didnt know about the Flying Doctor series. Now I will slightly replicate it with my bush strip visiting I guess.

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The plot is thickening! :grin:


Hey! What did I break this time?!


:slight_smile: All good, was just being silly! :smiley:

Edit: totally love the GeeBee! You just need the picture in cockpit of “Lady Luck”!


Exciting, I look forward to this!

Made a little progress yesterday. Had planned to go from WIII (Jakata) to WADD (Bali), but landed in the middle at WARQ, involuntarily. I changed my ride to a more era fitting bird, P-38. It looks prettier than I thought it would. The scenery, just the XP stock one, was quite nice, with some help from xVision. The screen shots turned out really pretty, I think. The P-38 is a freeware plane by domhenry from the site. The cockpit looks really nice in VR, though some switches do not work that well. As usual, I did VR on take off, ascending, and landing, and 2D screen on cruise with time acceleration on. The plane comes with an interesting feature. You can turn on some more modern instruments, including an AI, VOR, radio, etc., and autopilot. I had to turn on the AP with the time acceleration.

The red “accent” color looks nice in the overall green tone.

First volcano encountered. Mount Cereme, I believe, based on Google Map.

Just thought this looks nice

Many volcanoes

After these two volcano mountains, my engines stopped. Sure enough, I’d run out of gas. Should’ve checked the customization more carefully :crazy_face:

Luckily, I spotted an airport (WARQ) quite close at my 10 o’clock. And I had 11K ft altitude. Should be enough for a good pilot to make it. I immediately made a wise decision at this critical moment :sweat_smile: - I paused the game and saved the flight as a situation file, because I was quite certain I would not be able to make it in one try :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Sure enough, in the first try, I bled too much altitude too fast. When lined up the runway, the sight was for a normal landing :innocent:… The second try ended up with too much speed. I simply over shot the airport. On the 3rd try, I suddenly noticed a “AUX” fuel switch that was at the off position. Should’ve read the manual… With it on, my left engine started, IIRC, automatically. I tried to start the right engine with its start switch. Could hear the engine trying, but never got it work. Must be missing some steps. Should’ve read the manual… :expressionless:
Still, can’t complain. One engine was better than none. I made it to the airport this time. Had to apply quite some rudder and ailerons to make it go where I wanted, but it seemed easier than I thought it would. But of course, I had no idea how easy or difficult a real situation would be. Anyways, 3rd time’s a charm. :smile:

I might give it another try to glide down…


fun time for sure, just not enough :smile: