Mad Catz C.T.R.L. Mobile Gamepads


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I am not much of a mobile-game player. A reluctant elitist, I prefer my simulations to REQUIRE controllers with extra buttons on their buttons. As a selfish rule of thumb, if I can play it without a HOTAS, I’m probably not going to be interested. I do enjoy a few mobile games—2048 and Crossy Road are two…


Interesting stuff!

The power in the phones etc is pretty much where we were in 486-land, and the graphics chipsets are incredible for the size/power. I think having a physical control (like things like the DS/Vita show) is pretty important for gaming. It would be nice if things like this became the norm on mobile gaming, although not sure I want to carry it around in my front pocket :smile:

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Nice job on this. I would love to see how that thing would work with some sims like X-Plane iOS and Infinite Flight. The graphics on phones and pads are pretty astounding for those of us that are old enough to go a couple decades back - and to think we can use a controller with them is pretty amazing. I imagine they’d be pretty good for racing sims too…

Enjoyed the article!