Magnitude 3 LLC Christen Eagle II



That is a Pitts S1 with several “Wolf” modifications (as in Steve Wolf). Or it could be a built from scratch “WolfPro360”. It’s all a spectrum…sorta like autism. The guy that bought “Wolf Aircraft Products” from Steve is a friend of mine who is doing the repairs on my Pitts. I will get the new gear, cowling and firewall but will keep my “old” Pitts aft of the firewall.


Base off the winglets? a Long EZ or a VariEz maybe :wink:


Is the guy coming or going. If “coming”, please ask his name. I am not familiar with the plane. Oh, and say “hello” to CM for me.


If you are intentionally being hurtful, you are succeeding. :joy:


He’s already fired up. Quick turn on some fuel. Pretty breezy day for flying down here. Lots of action at CRG though…always enjoyable to see so many trainers and piston singles running around…


He’s headed for DC, new owner and it is a Wolf modded Pitts. His transponder is out though so he won’t be able to get into the SFRA. Tail number is NX279LT…


Had another session on my TV w the CE II. Good times. Love how the rumble of the engine shakes the MSFFB. Its made for this. I wish FFB made a comeback. I want to explre maps in this thing.


So i decided to have a go in VR. Much better experience even w no FFB. This little rocket is fun.


I think it will once the patent, being held to ransom right now, expires. I believe that isn’t too far off now.


That would be great. I remember rocking at riding the edge of departure in il2 1946 with my MS FFB2.


I just recently stopped using FFB with my G940. No idea why Logitech gave up on it after the first edition, the 2nd probably would’ve nailed it, instead they bought Mad Catz and Saitek.


I still use a G940 (although I modified it a bit) and wholeheartedly agree.


Me too. The G940 was great. So great in fact that I went through 3 of them! It also looked like a bit of gear that actually belonged to an adult. A good FFB would be a godsend in the Eagle or Yak-52.


A follow up. I recieved a PM by Hiro looking for input. He mentioned that quite a few pilots have also offered to help. So that’s a good sign they are serious about dialing the CE in.


Great to see they are keeping an open mind and taking opinions and criticism from SME’s.


That’s good to hear! :slight_smile: