Magnitude 3 LLC Christen Eagle II



Just saw this on Facebook a few minutes ago. I didn’t know they’re announcing their next release this week?


I get a content not found error?


Um… No clue how to import things from Facebook to here, but it’s on their page?


Clearly a F-111, wouldn’t you say @Bogusheadbox…?


Good to have more aircraft coming out, I hope it is something modern.


Kittens’s lives depend on it


So zoomed out a bit (as the teaser image was obviously very zoomed it) then does that look a bit like gun cam footage to anyone? Korean / Vietnam War era?



Pavetac, @fearlessfrog, pavetac


Weren’t they making a Corsair also?


I knew it! Wanted to start thread here this week like ‘What is with LN? Are they alive?’ :smile:
Good to hear they are. Was checking their web page yesterday or day before. :+1:

Hmm, but no clue about that hint. Btw if thats ‘another hint’ what was the previous one?


Announcement of an announcement:

Other hint:


I raise you a Hun.


I’d like to announce that we will do an announcement article when it’s announced.



wait a minute… what do you know about this announcement…



I just keep casually mentioning to @BeachAV8R about random DCS releases, hoping I can trick him into accidentally revealing something.

Uh, hey, about that MiG-23 eh? A bit pitchy don’t ya reckon?




Here’s to hoping this announcement of an announcement goes smoother than the last one.


Intent to at some point release some information about something…CONFIRMED!


nice to know that Leathernecks is still alive :slight_smile: i hope it is a 4/4.5th gen. Fighter.


Hint number 3… :roll_eyes: