Marianas Tanker Tracks Template

Copy-pasting this from my post on the ED forums:

Using the 36th Wing publication 13-204, I’ve tried to recreate the three tanker tracks around the Marianas according to the diagrams, navfix coordinates, descriptions, and frequencies from pages 88-90. The navfixes are represented by trigger zones. I have also added three tankers starting from their IP points, on station for 2 hours at FL200/270KIAS, using the real world freqs when possible. I have not tested the freqs/beacons, but everything else works. These aren’t exact, as I don’t know how far the tanker’s turn radius goes. Freqs and callsigns are in the briefing.

The three tanker tracks are:

LUXOR ~160nm Soutwest of Guam

MIRAGE ~15nm North-northeast of FDM range.

RIO ~120nm South of Guam

Explanation of trigger zone names:

AREN - Air Refuel Entry (point)

AREX - Air Refuel Exit (point)

ARIP - Air Refuel Initial Point

ARCP - Air Refuel Control Point

LUXOR / MIRAGE / RIO - (denoted in red) Advanced Waypoint Action “Orbit” begins

Marianas Tanker Tracks.miz (9.5 KB)


Thank you, do we change the tanker in ME depending on what we are flying

You can, but it resets the speeds to 430KTAS to all waypoints and adds “Activate TACAN” to waypoint 0. Delete the “Activate TACAN” command from waypoint 0, and adjust the TAS for all the waypoints to get 270KCAS for your desired altitude. 230KCAS if you’re filling up an A-10.

Which reminds me I need to find my A6B. I’m tired of googling TAS/CAS conversions :rofl:

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