Marines F/A 18-C down - Pilot safe

Tough luck.

“Initial reports say that he had touched down and after he touched down, he needed to eject,” said 1st Lt. John P. Roberts, a Marine spokesman.

Interesting. I have probably an overly morbid interest in aviation incidents, but things like this make me wonder - what was so bad about the roll out that the pilot felt he needed to punch out? Looking forward to reading more about this one.

I’ve witnessed an EFA having trouble exactly at landing- basically the main nose gear was freecasting instead of locked to the rudder pedals- so to speak.

Luckily it held well until the plane was very slow- ended up having no damage at all, despite a very abrupt turn into the turf; but I can only imagine something like this can legitimally scare you into ejecting if it “feels” bad enough.

I only need to see once that Viggen crash-rolling on landing to be extra careful in those moments…

Fatal accident

That’s Horrible. I think he dies almost instantly. Shame!

“Fly your aircraft every second of the way to the crash site.” – Wise Instructor

The section lead from the first Gulf of Sidra incident, Commander Hank Kleeman, ultimately ended up dieing a few years later after landing an F/A-18 at NAS Miramar with standing water on the runway. Jet hydroplaned, rolled, and burned. He attempted to get out, didn’t quite make it.

Landing complications ain’t no joke.