Markpoints, JDAM / JSOW, AGM-65D Ripple

Make use of the newly added markpoints. Create 4 markpoints then ripple 4 JDAMs with ease.

Ripple up to 6 X -65D mavericks


Mo: “Achmed, why is that yankee air pirate boring holes in the sky for the last half hour over our training camp? Will he crap or will he get off the pot?”

Joe: “roger control, cleared hot, targets set”. <. starts whistling a country song.> “You get a bomb, and you get a bomb, and you get a bomb!” <.pickles>


I think that was originally a Hank Williams song that Toby Kieth did a cover of in 2010.

An update to my videos above using mark points for a JDAM / JSOW ripple attack:

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