Mars in 4K

Mars in 4K

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I kept wanting to see a red Tesla doing doughnuts in the distance.


Reminds me of Yuma (Az), on a good day :grin:

And [parts of] it would make a good map in DCS, after a lil digital terra-forming.

Mars in 8K :slight_smile:

A visit would be nice, but wouldn’t want to live there. Deserts are beautiful in their own way but struggling to save enough ElonBucks ™ to go see the Company Dome’s single tree just to stop myself from going mad doesn’t appeal.

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Never understood the hoopla to colonize Mars.
If the pictures from there looked more like Montego Bay rather than Albuquerque, I’d say sure!


IMHO, living there compared to Earth can’t be rationalized. However, as a technology lab or demonstrator, it may become a necessity, depending on how badly we treat both the planet and each other. Living within 5 miles of two large port terminals doesn’t give my the warm and fuzzies.

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