Mars InSight


Landing will be live November 26, 2018 8:00 PM

How to watch -

…or the direct NASA feeds online (including a 360 feed!) here:

Plus the tube:

Mission info and summary site here:


Anyone else watching it live right now? :slight_smile:


Yup :slight_smile:

Its a little early. I think I just heard that transport module separation occurs at about 40 minutes past the hour … so 20 more minutes.


Yes, still a few minutes left. Right now they are previewing the mission.
Hope everything works as planned. A lot of people here in Germany at the DLR have been working on those instruments for a long time.
Really exciting!


Btw Mars is pretty close right now, only 8 light minutes if I got that correctly. I think the average is over 12.




Nice! Touchdown confirmed. That’s 6 mars points!


Touchdown confirmed! Amazing


And an unlocked skin in Surviving Mars :slight_smile:


Yeah looks like it worked so far.
Standby for data.


The team lead is named Bruce Banner? Good job for those close up video camera people (how annoying would that be) he didn’t get mad if it cratered.


Is that a cookie?


Waiting on the solar panels report. Did I miss it?


I don’t think so. The photo data was relayed by the Marco micro satellite that tagged along (and is now zooming past mars).

They just received the first X-band confirm from the deep space network, so the lander looks ok.


…but on Mars


Solar panels to deploy by 5pm EST I think I heard.


The guy that put the lens cover on last must have at least been a tiny bit tempted to put a picture of Matt Damon on it first, just for the laughs… :slight_smile:


Successful landing, awesome!


Yeah deploying the solar panels will take some hours.


I think his name is “Bantner” or something. But when I first heard the name I thought the same thing. :smiley: