McLaren MP4/4

I grew up watching F1 races.
I became a fan of Ayrton Senna. He was so composed. Such a professional, yet very human. And he loved to fly RC aircraft models.
The late 80’s, early 90’s was the greatest period, for me. I guess this was so because of where I was in my life during those years.
Watching Senna win his first Championship in 1988 is something I will never forget.

The car that Senna and team mate Alain Prost drove in 88, the MP4/4, is one of the most successful Formula 1 cars in history, winning all the races in the season, apart from one…

Its red and white Marlboro paint is so simple, yet beautiful.

The MP4/4 is quite the legend…

So when the renowned car modelmakers Kyosho made this, for the 25th anniversary, I had to get it.
The only way was to enter a subscription scheme with the reseller, DeAgostini, in England.

I haven’t built it yet… It’s huge! 1/8 scale. Don’t know where to put it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, and this was the entire point of this post…

This arrived in the mail, today!
Now I can finally start building :wink:


Aah, a haynes Will keep maintenance costs down significantly! Good on you!


Congratulations Troll! Can’t wait to follow the build.

I think that a few videos are in order.

This one must be watched on YT, but not to be missed.


This thread compelled me to reinstall Assetto Corsa and download the VRC Modding Team’s excellent free MP4/4 mod. Driving it without aids and an H shifter is fantastic!


I haven’t watched any type of racing on a regular basis in quite some time but seeing these images reminds how pervasive cigarette advertising was in all forms of racing back then. When I do see any racing highlights now I don’t see them as sponsors on cars anymore.


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Yeah, these come to mind.



This comes to mind…


Oooh, my…! :flushed:
AC got VR support, right?
Anything similar to Project Cars 2?

Yeah… I hate everything tobacco, with a vengeance. I love F1, though. It’s a moral conflict when I build model F1 cars, because I’m a stickler for accuracy as well. :slight_smile:


Fond memories. :blush:

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Yes it did. In settings there is a drop-down dialog to select with Oculus or OpenVR mode. I have a Reverb so have only tried it with OpenVR (launch SteamVR before entering sim). Once you select your video mode to be a VR mode, the menus are still 2D. But when you drop into the car, you are in Senna or Prost’s McLaren in all its VR glory. The cockpit is excellently rendered. I didn’t try touch controllers, but your cursor changes to a illuminated dot. That’s fine for me, because I’ve mapped most functions to my wheel.

In the MP4/4 the seating position is perfect and feels very natural as compared to TrackIR, which I never got on well with in driving sims. I didn’t reduce my video settings when switching to OpenVR, but performance was excellent hot-lapping.

The experience in the MP4/4 in VR is frankly breathtaking. You are much more intimate with this 1000 hp beast with headset on. I found myself leaning into corners and looking further down the track as I should. I tried to capture some video but the image is distorted. Of course it looks normal in VR. Recommended for all fans of this F1 era. Should be consumed with a manual clutch and H shifter.

Edit: MP4/4 in VR


Holy :poop:!

I’m almost afraid to ask, but is Monaco in there…?

My next project will be to fit a steeringwheel and pedals, to my SimBox!


Monaco is not included, but this one looks pretty good. Will try it tonight.

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I’ll resuscitate this thread. I had a ball this weekend at the native Mugello track. I had an itch to drive the Ferrari 330 P4 of “Ford vs Ferrari” fame. I got it down to 2min 10 seconds. I really thought it was quick. After a rest I took the 2004 Ferrari F1 car. The track blurred past in 1:32. Holly Molly, Il love this sim.


I’ve been giving Assetto Corsa some love lately. In between flying I do some laps. VRC Modding team makes some awesome mods. I’m into F1 cars and they are too. Some are free some sell for 3 bucks. Not bad considering all their work is top notch. Last night I was lapping Monza in a Ferrari 310B. I thought i was doing well at 1:32. Then finnally got to 1:31. I had downloaded a few new cars and so i jumped in the gorgeous Renault R-25. First later netted a 1:31!!! Second lap? 1:28. It was incredible. The car dont feel fast witch means it let’s you think. It’s also very fun to ride hard. IMO, VRC is woth a look. I like having a stable of cars for less than a cheap lunch.
Keep on swimming!!!


I forgot to mention, the Mp4/4 is one of the best experiences in AC I had so far
Its RAW, its brutal… its beautiful. You’ll be in love. I play in VR but looking at a playback last night I wondered, “I can play this in 2D” AC is stunning.


I got AC very recently and I only have an x box 360 pad so I’m finding it hard to really get super fast on it. But my good it’s a great racing experience.