MCP Panel...

Man…I should stop browsing the internet, otherwise I would not know that this MCP exists and now I want it, even though I don’t have a cockpit. I just think it’d be awesome to have on the desk in front of you…and those are all the most commonly used commands in pretty much any flight sim. Oh I know…that would be the beginning of a very slippery slope…LOL…


I need to win lotto, then i can look at these posts without a pained expression on my face. :dizzy_face:


OR! or, you guys could hear me and launch the Mudspike panel set.
Just saying…

I’ve been looking into some of the opencockpit stuff recently, looks very affordable at the cost of being a bit less plug and play!

Yeah…my finger is hovering on the buy button…but then, I’m wondering if the future of flight simming really IS going to be VR, then maybe this would be useless. That said, I still do a LOT of non-VR simming…so I’m on the fence…

What is appealing about that panel, is that it covers the items that a pilot needs to access quickly, when using a mouse to manipulate the same function can be quite cumbersome.

What I’m having difficulty with is deciding how I would mount it.

Vertically for an added challenge. Though i would assume buttons face away from wall :yum:

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How’d I switch between Managed and Selected autopilot mode with that? :slight_smile:

That’s exactly right. Any real pilot would understand that the current altitude preselect and heading bug commands for almost every sim (well, I’d say every sim) are way, way slower than how it works in the real aircraft. I mean…it is a very tactile thing setting the altitude preselect in the airplanes I fly…you can spin in a new altitude in about three seconds or so because of the variable speed of your spin.

And that panel…even though it is very Airbus-like…would work for pretty much any plane with an autopilot as long as you can map those functions. I’m leaning toward it…sigh…

Yeah, I don’t know if they have any push/pull functionality. I suppose maybe you could use a shifted mode by depressing another controller button? I dunno…that is making me think too hard after starting on my second bottle of Malbec…

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