McRoberston Air Race anyone?



I haven’t figured out a start date yet, but I definitely agree that having a hard start date would be great. The plan at the moment as far as running time will be 7-8 weeks. That works out to ~200 nm a day or so, which even in real time would be an hour to an hour and a half roughly.

I looked at Zeemap, it might be workable but it doesn’t seem particularly friendly for what I’ll need to it to do currently. I’ll play with it some more though and see if I’m just missing something with it (I only spend about 15 mins the other night).


As this is going to be a LOT of pilotage, having high quality scenery to navigate by is going to be critical. I’d like to start figuring out resources for folks to use (free and pay at their preference of course). Accuracy for navigation purposes is of course the paramount issue. So any suggestions are appreciated.

I’ll open for the FSX crowd (hey if it aint broke why update it?):

FS Earth Tiles allows you to create your own ortho scenery for any given part of the planet. It’s an older, and now unsupported, utility, and the documentation is in French. Check it out here. It does take a bit to generate high res tiles (like all night somedays), depending on the range your AC, you might be able to knock out your planned flight area in only an hour or two.

The big advantage it has over tile-proxy types, is that you can do this even with a slow internet connection ahead of time.

As ortho scenery, you’re not going to have beautiful hand crafted airports, cities, etc, but it’s sure going to look a heck of a lot better than the default.


I assume you are going to give us the required stop airfields.

I would think that we’d want to use airfields available in? 1936? 1945? Maybe 1936 airfields that were still in use in 194t? :thinking:

Since FSX is “set” in 2006 and X-Plane is set in 2017(?), it would be great if we could find period airfield scenery to replace the modern scenery…if it exists.

If not, I can try to generate FSX (should work for P3D) airfields. Won’t be masterpieces but “Sufficient unto the day…” as it were.

Let me know. As a “really retired” retiree, I’ve got time. :slightly_smiling_face:


From the tentative rules post:

I haven’t had a chance to do any checking on what were the actual fields in place at that time. I imagine a lot of them were going to be pretty rough and unimproved.

I just figured you didn’t have a firewall at the office, lol.


Here’s a quick example of terrain produced with FS Earth Tiles. This is at fairly low level, and with 1 m/pixel resolution (resolution setting 1 in FSET). It took a while (I set it and went to bed), and the scenery is about 7 gb for the area from Mildenhall all the way to the coast.

You can see in the background where the default terrain kicks in. Dealing with the coastline and where the FSX water picks up is a bit of a pain, drawing the water mask etc. It’s certainly not hard, just something you have to mess with.

So if you have the disk space and time, you can have very nice hi res scenery for free, and without much more work then using google maps.

Alright, with a 2 m/pixel resolution, we’re sitting at 2.5 hours to render. For reference it has about 1/4 the number of tiles, so for 1 m/pixel resolution figure about 9 hours (overnight basically). Scenery size is right around 2.25 gb.

It looks pretty good! Even at 1400 baro altitude it looked great.

And finally 4 m/pixel. So total rendering time of ~35 mins, and total file size of about 590 mb.

How does it look you ask?

So in summary:

1 m/pixel, it looks great from 500’ AGL and above. It however takes a while to generate, and takes some HD space. If you’re flying real low, it might be worth it.

2 m/pixel, looks great from about 1000’ AGL, maybe 1500’ if you’re picky. More reasonable, both in time and space. The scenery still looks great, and very highly detailed. If you wanted the maximum detail for VFR flying this would probably be what I’d use.

4 m/pixel, it’s pretty pixelated below about 1500-2000’ AGL, but starts to look pretty decent as you near 4000’ AGL and higher. Generation time was pretty quick, and space usage was minimal. Realistically this is probably what I’ll use, unless I need super high-res scenery for some reason.


So, this is basically the same thing as Ortho4XP, but for FSX? Didn’t even know it existed…

This doesn’t involve transparent alpha masks with “magic purple”, (or pink, whatever) does it?


Ummm, well… It’s green at least, if that helps?

Honestly it’s probably something that could be automated/scripted in PS these days. I may play with that if I have some time.


The Christmas trek is well and truly over… time to think about this challenge maybe?


Definitely. I have a bit of a full plate for the next week, but after that…I’ll be good to go.


Totally down. Slammed this week, and then finally things settle down at work after this week. I’ll put up some “official” rules, get entries etc. Figure maybe start the week of the 18th?


I want to use my new Mig-19!!!


That would be the WW2 and later jet and etc. division. Now if you can figure out how to get Australia into DCS you’re set!


Just find out the mileage and fly backward and forwards over Persian gulf :joy::joy:


Sounds good…! Looking forward to it.