McRobertson Air Race

I promised PaulRix to forward the report of my simulated flight from Mildenhall to Melbourne by Vskylabs C47 Dakota DC3.
Centenary Air Race
Pleasant reading, Henk (XPSport)


Looking forward to reading it. Unfortunately I am just getting a link to a dropbox folder that doesn’t seem to be there.

Dear Paul,
Opening this link in your browser should work

Dropbox - File Deleted

It’s the first time that I try to give other people access to a file. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, Henk (XPSport)

Hoi Henk,

I’m on mobile but this button marked in red should allow you to directly upload a file to Mudspike:

EDIT: I included Paul’s comment in the screenshot, that looks messy. Hopefully it’s not as bad for light theme users

Hi Henk. Thanks for the new link! It looks like you have put a lot of time and effort into your trek and post flight report! I’m looking at the PDF but it seems to cut off after page 13.

I like your DC3 livery and the airfield histories are very interesting.

Thank you very much for your writeup! The little histories of each airport is a very nice touch!

Wonder whether this third link will fulfill my promises