Medevac in the Mi-8MTV2

My instrument flying skills were tested in the end.


Really cool video. I wish I had some time to spare to really get to know the Mi-8. It is such a beautiful module (love the panels). Nice job with all the proper procedures.

It does beg the question…who DID steal that Playboy magazine?? LOL…

Was that a custom mission or one of the included ones?



Thanks. I thought that little line about the magazine would bring some smiles. I will not divulge who took it though but if you look closely at the faces of the pilots…I think you can tell. The mission is one I made. I made it in order to learn and practice using kneeboard map navigation and of course the radio navigation equipment. If you want to fly it, just let me know here.

In fact, anybody want to fly this mission, let me know and I’ll get it to you.

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